My Wife Wants a Girlfriend

My wife is Bi, and I adore that about her. We met on-line and lived in different cities, so we chatted about everything for a long time before we met in real life. Thorough our chats, I figured out that she was (is) Bi. She was embarrassed a bit at first, as she had kept it as her deep, dark secret.

I told her that I was completely okay with it. She was sooo relieved that someone finally knew. Over the years, she has had a few women join us, and it was wonderful for everyone.

Now she would like to find a long-term Bi girlfriend. I think that would be wonderful.

Comments ? Thoughts ? Reactions ?

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  • I'm a guy who is secretly Bi and I've always wanted a super fine woman with a dick. I don't see the problem.

  • I can tell you from experience.
    I dated a girl not long after I graduated from college. She was great, funny and likeable. We moved in with eachother and about a year in, she told me she was gay. Well, she actually ment bi.
    She asked if she could move a girl in that she had been seeing for the last month. Needless to say, I was fucking shocked and pissed. I calmed down and decided to meet her "girlfriend", I was expecting some manly looking dyke. But when she walked in, I was surprised at how pretty she was. She was very feminine and had a killer body, she was bi too.
    She and I hit it off right away and she moved in the next day. We entered into a love triangle, which was great for me.
    About 4 years after she moved in, my original girlfriend took off and called us one night to tell us she had left and found a new girlfriend. My second girlfriend and I were like OKAY.
    Second girlfriend confessed one day shortly after, that she really didn't believe she was gay and actually always preferred sleeping with me over the first girlfriend.
    Second girlfriend and I eventually married and had kids. Still married to this day.

  • Wow! What a win!!

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