Storage Unit

My wife knows I keep a storage unit for all the stuff I find and sell online. What she doesn't know is that I meet random men there for sex too. I've done it long enough that I don't have to use apps because I have a phone list of regular sex buddies, most are married men like myself who want to discretely get off. To my wife they are regular buyers.

1.1 years ago

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    • Try the site:

    • Too funny, for real. I used to do inventory for damaged properties, and many had offsite storage units or cubes. One woman, who wasn't all that attractive but did have an allure to her, took me to theirs (they had 5 units), and one had furniture, neatly arranged, as if someone was living there. She then told me that she "lets the contractor guys use this one..with me..if you get what I'm saying". Yes, I did. She had that one unit specifically set up to be fucked by the contractor guys, whenever they wanted. The other units were packed solid with stuff, and that one was, curiously, away from the other units. I included the furniture in my inventory, but was smart about not saying which unit it was in. What was I going to list it as? The fuck unit?

    • What’s the best place to find clean guys who are into this?

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