My Mate's Hot Mom!

My name is Jason and I'm going to tell you my story how my friends hot mom saw me naked some twenty years ago.

I always had the hots for moms best friend Eileen who coincidentally was my best friends mom.

She was 5′ 11 and had a curvy figure with awesome legs

When I was in my younger years I’d always come downstairs and into the front room when she visited so I could secretly ogle her

. . . to be honest I think she knew I fancied her!

Anyway one day in the sixth form holidays when I was 17, I was half way through having a bath and I heard the front door open and the voice of both mom and Eileen signifying that they were back from shopping.

I quickly got out of the bath and pulled the plug to empty the bath so I could dry off then get dressed so I could go into the front room.

All of a sudden I heard Eileen come to the door and knock stating that she needed the toilet. As it was an old house both the bathroom were in one room so folks would have to wait until someone finished their bath until it became vacant.

I unlocked the door and peered around to see Eileen hunched over slightly clearly desperate for the toilet as she’s been stuck on the bus from town or something.

“It’s ok love . . . I’ve seen it all before!” she said as she gently pushed the door open and walked past me to use the toilet.

I completely went red with embarrassment as I was standing their completely naked by the door as I shut it, with my bare ar** facing her.

I don’t know how I did it but I managed to turn around and not try and cover my modesty and went back towards the bath, pick up a towel and started to dry myself off, while my heart pounded ten to the dozen.

I then continued to face the sink next to the toilet and started to dry myself off, all the while giving Eileen ample opportunity to look me up.

I wasn’t sure if she did until I put the towel to my head to dry my hair and had a sneak at her

. . . but and sure enough I caught her looking straight at my crouch thinking that I couldn’t see her.

Anyway she finished peeing and got up to pull her underwear and jeans back up. While doing this she pulled her shirt up exposing her belly button as she wanted to keep her shirt out and as she did I quickly sneaked a peek from behind the towel and saw her v*gina and p*bes, I thought there and then that Eileen had a magnificent p*bic triangle.

When she was dressed she asked me to move back slightly to use the sink which I was glad as I’d gotten an erection due to seeing her crotch and after she had finished walked back out of the bathroom.

As she did this she said

“Sorry about that I was desperate, now I’ll leave you in peace!” and gently smacked me on the bottom as she went past smiling!

Even to this day (I’m 47) I’ve still not mentioned anything about this to my best mate although Eileen does every now and then playfully say to me to make me embarrassed in front of mom.

“Hey Jason . . . do you remember when I saw you naked?”

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