First sexual experience

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I didn’t start until I was nearly 15, and didn’t develop more than little breast buds until I was in college. But I was a cheerleader in HS, as was my best friend. She was an early bloomer, very outgoing where I was reserved. She was also very sexually expressive where I definitely wasn’t. I’d stay nights with her after ball games because she lived literally one block from the field where I lived 15 miles in the country. I’d had attractions to the feminine as long as I’d had any at all. But I’d never dare tell anyone. This was the early 90s. We were 17 and by her leading our conversations would often turn sexual as we lay talking in the dark. I had wanted something to happen but was too timid to ever say so, or do anything. One night she, out of the blue, kissed me on the lips, and there was a sensual quality to it. Then she rolled over and went to sleep. I laid there all night wondering what it meant. The next game night she did it again, but this time her hand cupped my head and she gave me tongue. She pulled back and asked if that was okay. I said it was nice. We kissed some more and she went to sleep. Next time add some playful groping, fondling. Then finally one night she, in the middle of our playing around, just said there’s something I want to try, she sat up in the dim light and pulled her tee shirt off, then mine, then she laid on top of me, our bare breasts, hard nipples stimulating each other. Omg it felt so good, so right. Before long she pulled my underwear off and licked me to my first O. We remained secret lovers for 8 months, until she slept with my boyfriend. But that’s another story.

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  • Learning about sex with your best friend seems to be a pretty natural occurance. I am ashamed to admit to giving a blowjob to my best friend before I ever got one from a woman. I wish I could talk about it more.

  • What about her and your bf story?

  • I was 12 years old at a friend's birthday party. About ten boys ended up sleeping over that his house that night. So were are all spread out in his basement game room sleeping. I get woken up by a mouth on my dick slowly sucking up and down. The room was completely black so I couldn't see who was doing it and basically just froze letting that person suck my dick. When I was about to cum I put my hand on their head and realized it was another boy by his crew cut. I ended up cumming in his mouth then laying there as he went back to his spot on the floor. The next morning It was easy to see what boy it was that had sucked my dick because only one boy had a crew cut.

  • Nice.

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