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I miss riding the train into the city. That’s not something people say often but I do. However, I don’t work in the city. I’ve been working at home for years before the pandemic, but the train was my human interaction time. I got dressed up everyday in my tightest work dress and heels, and wait to catch one of those well dressed men staring. Then the next day I’d make my move, ensuring that i would be standing right in front of him. I’d always start with cock grazing as the train moved as if it were an accident. But once I felt his dick flinch that would be my sign. I’ve helped so many men over the years stain their dress pants. And there have been a few beautiful cocks I’ve unzipped to stain my dresses. But now I have to find new ways to service the community.

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  • Any couples or chubby couples milfs anyone wanna play

  • What kind of play?

  • To the 60 year old please suck mine 419o100092

  • My wife 5 years ago was work at home. Her company moved and kept half their reps as work at home. She fessed up that she had a work fuck buddy sort of. Bunch went out drinking after work 10 years ago and she ended up having sex with Bob in his van. They did it a few more times. Bob said it spiced things up at home. Why tell? Because the dumb buxom divorcee neighbor forgot her bra at are place. How does a DD girl not notice she's bra less. She swears it was just a brain fart. Sorry.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Least this is a safe link

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  • How tight and short were your dresses?

  • Did you have sex or do anything with the men?

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