I’m a little too much

Honestly, it started in middle school. I have had my eyes on my cousin for years. Maybe since 2007? We were about 7th/8th grade. We were very close back then and I always noticed how big her boobs are. She’s short too, so her ass is nice. I remember one time she asked me to massage her and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I have her a proper massage of course. I got to her lower back and she pointed out her ass giggle when I massage her back. We started to laugh and I was in heaven. I asked to massage it. I had to take a chance and play it off as a joke if she said no.

She said yes!

Oh how soft her ass was. I squeezed and played with it and loved life. She turned around and was on the phone as I massaged her front leg. I wanted to squeeze her tits more than ever but I knew that would cross the line.

I also have a very fat crush on her older sister. They both have huge titties. I used to fantasize about the both of them all the time.

Now a little bit about me...I love to be dominated by women.

Oh man. Powerful women are so sexy! I love to get pegged by women. I actually had a chance before in Utah to have sex with a trans and I took it. I blew her a bit a bit but kind of got nervous because it was my first time having a taste of cock. Didn’t like it much, but I love getting it hard in the ass after I’m vulnerable post nutt.

The way this fetish grew on me was I had a masturbation thought of the older sister and I having sex on her bed. After I came in my fantasy, I imagined her telling me to hang tight so she can call her younger sister to have sex with me. For some reason, all I recall is fantasizing the younger sister (the one I massaged) fucking me in my ass with a cock. It just happened randomly and I loved it.

All I dream about is them fucking my throat and as with strap ons or make them trans in my mind with cocks as they fill me with their salty cum. I wanna fuck one as they’re vulnerable post cum and make her suck the other ones cock until they came again.

I met a trans on tinder before. I told her she can call me anytime anywhere to fuck me as she desired and she loved it. We sadly only fucked once and I loved the feeling of her cock in my ass. I thanked her so much. When it was my turn to fuck, I came a few thrusts in and played it off as like i wanted to taste her cum a little more. I was so embarrassed but so horny.

The one girl who I will never forget was the one that went to town on my ass multiple times. A gorgeous black girl. We had so much fun together at her place. We would cuddle and she made me worship her body and lick her feet. She later topped it off with making me watch her fuck my ass doggy style in front of her mirror. To watch her gorgeous black pierced tittles bounce as she thrusted her 7 inch strap on into my ass was a dream cum true. She demanded I rode her cock and get off her before I cum to cum on her face and walk out like I only used her for my pleasure.

2020 has been the best year of my life.

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