Daughter and Dad

Sitting next to my daughter the thought overwhelmed me as I swiftly started to get up. "Chrissie, this is just something that I can't continue with," I said, trying desperately to convince her, and convince myself. Then she did something that was hard to believe.

With both hands clasped firmly around my neck, she gently pulled my head down so that my face was almost touching hers. She then pulled me a little closer, still I could feel her hot, quick breath in my mouth. I jumped as she pushed her soft, warm tongue into my mouth, and started to run her tongue around the open lips of my startled, gaping mouth. This was more than I could bear, or even tear myself away from.

I then met her eager tongue with my own, and as our lips wetly massaged each others, I teased my tongue into her mouth, which she opened wide in anticipation. I then gently but quickly rubbed the tip of my tongue against hers, and stroked the roof of her mouth, which provoked a very sharp cry of passionate desperation, then agonized moaning and pleading for me not to stop.

Quickly, in a nanosecond, my clothes flew off...how they did, I don't remember.

Before I knew it, my body was gently hovering over hers. I then arched my back a little so that my cock would meet her hole, and without positioning it, I thrust my member deeply and all the way into her wet little pussy, causing a loud shriek from Chrissie, from joyful pain. She grasped the sides of my arms with such force that I recoiled a little from the pain of her sharp nails cutting into me....I hardly realized this though, as I was busy thrusting into and pulling back my stone hard dick in and out of my beautiful girl, now as much a woman as I'd ever known. I penetrated her so deeply that our pelvic bones hit with the bashing force of my strong thrusts into her. She met these thrusts with equally punishing thrusts of her own, and a vigorous rocking pelvic motion, which forced her clit down hard against the sensitive top of my dick as I pulled out. She then rocked her pelvis up, which caused her tight little hole to meet my plunging cock at the perfect angle. This drove me to the brink.

Our strokes then became faster and harder, until my daughter wailed shakily in a hoarse rasp that she was about to come. Hearing this, I could hold out no longer, as I felt the same thing. I began to shudder as I thrust even harder, so that she started to rigidly shake uncontrollably while pulling me into her with much more strength than a young woman should have. I began to wail and cry out myself, as I rammed into her, full force, and then shot what felt like a bowl of hot cum into my girl. This caused her orgasm to increase, as her cunt muscles clamped like a wrench onto my steel dick. She shook even more and screamed passionately, while holding her arms around my neck with so much force that it almost strangled me. This caused us to stay fully joined, my member completely into her, and her overflowing little pussy locked onto my rock hard cock for dear life.

"Oh, how I love you, Daddy. I love you so much." We lay in each others arms for almost a half hour, caressing and kissing gently, while stroking each others heads, faces, necks and upper bodies. We smiled at each other and sweetly nuzzled like lovers....with absolutely no regret. "I do love you, Chrissie...I've always loved you so much. But I'm so sorry this happened. I feel so bad, and just want you to know that I acted on unthinking impulse and didn't listen to my better judgment. Please forgive me, Sweetie. I'm so very sorry."

"There's nothing to forgive, Dad, and please don't be sorry. I set you up. The rest happened naturally." she said with a mischievous little smile, "and a little help from my careful planning. You see, the only reason Mom went to Stratton was because of the huge sale at the mall which I told her of last night, and you know how mom likes to shop. "You see, what you did was actually what I planned in the first place." "Oh Chrissie, you're so evil. But I think you get it from me, as I have to admit that I've secretly wanted you since you grew into such lovely womanhood."

"I know, Dad, I know.....I've wished the same thing about you, and I'm so sorry I tricked you. Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive, Chrissie. I've told you that I've also thought about this. Many of us men dream of our daughters in this way from what I've heard, but just suppress our inner urges with guilt and shame and pretend that we don't have these feelings. I guess it took a headstrong daughter who's too much like her Dad for me to stop denying my own feelings. I can't believe this has finally happened, and it was so fantastically wonderful, and absolutely beyond my wildest dreams."

Chrissie grinned at me and whispered as the grin broke into a naughty smile, "same here, Dad."

"Chrissie, I do love you, but I'm having so much trouble now thinking of you as my little girl." "Well Dad, Chrissie quietly replied, hopefully you've gotten some idea that I'm no longer your.....little girl."


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  • Incest = ♥️

  • "Oh Chrissie, I love fucking you too. Your pussy is so damn tight, I could stay hard inside of you all day long!"

  • A daughter from heaven!!

  • ♥️ incest

  • Piss off prick

  • How can you refuse a hot daughter?

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