Husband's co-workers

I am 47, married to my husband since we were 18, and I can't stop fantasizing about fucking his co-workers. He works at a prison, and works with mostly men but quite a few women too. I used to fantasize about cheating with one of his male co-workers. My husband and I have an awesome sex life, but it just seems dangerous and thrilling fuck someone he knows. His work buddy could show up to work still wet from my pussy or my husband could get home from work just minutes after I'd swallowed his buddy's cum down my throat. Now my fantasies have evolved to include my husband- that he would basically pimp me out to his co-workers. My pussy gets so wet thinking of him sending a random guy to come fuck me and use me. I had a dream the other night where a buddy fucked me in the breakroom at his job, and then my husband came in and fucked me with his buddy's cum still dripping out of me. He was calling me his dirty whore and slut, and I fucking loved it. I work for the city council and nobody would believe I want to be a whore for my husband's co-workers. I can't ever tell anybody about these fantasies but they make my pussy just dripping wet.

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