It wouldn’t be ok now 3

I’ll try to write this all from my time with my boss in 1990. I called the first 2 it wouldn’t be ok now but actually I don’t think he did much wrong. Maybe work wouldn’t have liked it but for me it did me the world of good. I felt more confident about my body because he always complemented me. He always said how lucky my fella was and eventually I got the confidence to leave him, a few months later. And he loved hearing me talk, my boyfriend was only interested in getting inside me.
Although it wasn’t quite sex, standing in my bosses office and lifting my dress or skirt for him and talking about sex I think it is one of the most sexy things I’ve ever done.
As well as those moment first thing I had supervision in his office, with others working in the team room so no chance of anything. But it was still sexy.
“Michelle why don’t u ask hi.m to spank you? “
“I actually plucked up the courage! He’s not interested. I’ve worked out men are either tits and pussy or arse and pussy. With u it’s my arse, for him it’s my tits and pussy. He’s not interested.. You are the first man that has been focused on my arse actually”.
“Believe me I won’t be. It’s just you won’t see them. Men will lust after your arse everyday believe me. He’s mad. Why don’t you come to work this Saturday to catch up. I’m putting the sheet out today. No one picks the morning, we’ll have a bit more privacy, staff have to ring the bell to get in”
“Ok, be fine, he goes out Friday nights anyway”
“Good. Wear a dress , one he likes”
I laughed. “You sod”
“Listen if he goes out Friday night. Do something for me. Have some wine. Write down the 5 reasons you should be spanked and have your hand in your knickers whilst you do. And bring it with you”
“Are you serious! I’ll be mortified!”
“Why? You need to rub yourself. Michelle you’re so sexy, your arse is as good as any in the newspaper. And when you talk sexy it’s incredible!”
“Thank you. I’ll try. I’ve never written anything before. Just 5 reasons? So are you going to spank me?”
“If you let me, be crude and sexy. Then read them in the car at traffic lights. I’m trying to see your knickers, open your legs a bit”
And I did. Pulling my skirt up a little, teasing him. Letting him see up my skirt but ready to close my legs if someone came in. By now I always wore different coloured knickers to my skirt or dress so he could see, same with my bra, without looking slutty. I had new dresses and underwear too, my boyfriend thought it was for him! How wrong he was.

And so it was arranged. My boss worked occasional Saturday s to catch up on paperwork and we could come along to do the same if we told him we were. He had the keys. I put down for 9am, the next nearest was 10.30. I spent the rest of the day trying not to think about it on visits and when I did wondering how he would spank me, I realised I had no idea.

5 months ago

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    • U deserve spanking. Looking forward to it!

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