To Pete my cab driver

We've been friends for a long time now that's why I know you would really enjoy making me your cock slave. Forget about your Chinese girlfriend she's too far away. I see you almost every day when you drive me to and from work. My mouth is right here for you to use. You can fuck me in the ass just like you talk about with your Chinese girl. Only, you could fuck me in the ass right now! You could be my Master and I will be the slave to your cock! I will get on my knees whenever you want, my Lord. We've been buddies for years that's why I know you will enjoy making me of all people suck your cock! It was turn you on to look down and see me with your cock in my mouth! You will be my Master and you will tame me with your cock. You will will tell me what you want Fuck my mouth, fuck my ass. I want you to dominate me with your cock. Make me suck it and swallow your cum. Fuck me in the ass and blow your nuts inside me. Then I will be yours without question. Dominate me with your cock my Lord. I want to serve you. The Chinese girl is too far away. My mouth and ass are ready for your cock right now. I know you will like it when you look down and see me, your friend, sucking on your hard cock! Make me suck it. Tell me to eat your cum and then make sure I do it. You can do anything you want to me with your cock my Lord. I will never complain because I will be your cock slave. Tell me you have read this note and I will admit everything. Then order me to suck your cock and I'll obey! It will be awesome to have you fuck me in the mouth and cum right down my throat! You can do whatever you want to me with your cock, Master. I will give you blowjobs everyday! And when you want to fuck, my ass is yours to fuck as much as you want. I think you will enjoy having me, your buddy, as your own personal cock slave. I will do whatever you want my Lord. Shove your cock down my throat or fuck me in the ass nice and hard and I will only thank you for the sperm. Because that's what I will be for you. A thing to make your cock feel good. A convenient place for you to shoot your cum. Cum in my mouth. Cum in my ass. That's all I am. I want to be dominated by your cock. I think I know you well enough by now to know that you will love seeing me, your longtime friend, choking on your cock! I know you'll enjoy making me suck it and making me take it up the ass. You are the Master and I will be your willing cock slave. Forget about the Chinese girl. I will suck your cock today and everyday. If you were going to fuck her in the ass don't you think it would be more fun to fuck me in the ass? We've been friends for a long time that's why I know you would love to grab me by the head and fuck me in the mouth, wouldn't you? And then I'll buy you a tea and you can drop me off at work as usual. But just know that you can make me suck your cock again on the way home and I will do it because you are the Master and I must do as you say. I'm totally serious about this, Pete. You can do whatever you want to me with your cock! You know who I am. C1330.

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