Unleashed the beast

So like 6 months ago I had my very good friend from work, steve come over for dinner. Now, my wife isn't modest in the slightest. She wears whatever she wants no matter who it is that's over. This particular dinner she was wearing a wife beater and a thong. Pretty typical for her house clothes in the summer.

So steve said he was on his way over. I asked mandi if she was going to get dressed. She said, "Why?" I said, "Steve is on his way over." She said, "I don't mind him looking at me. I'm not ashamed of my body. I work really hard to keep it like this."

After dinner, mandi was cleaning up. Steve said, "Dude ur wife is fucking hot." I said, "Yeah." He said, "Really." I said, "Would u fuck her?" He said, "If she was single? Hell yeah." I took our plates to mandi. She said, "Ur friend is nice. And kinda cute. He got a big dick?" Now she asks that any time I introduce her to someone. She's a perv lol. I said, "I have no idea babe." She said, "I should fuck him and find out." I said, "You wanna fuck him?" She said, "Yeah. Sure. Can I?" I said, "If u really want to lol." She said, "Really? Ok!"

She dried her hands and went into the living room. She pulled him to his feet and started walking him away. He said, "Where am I going?" She said, "To the bedroom with me." She really did fuck him. They were in there the better part of an hour.

They both came out together. I said, "You guys have fun?" He said, "Dude. I didn't plan that. She made me." I said, "It's ok. I know she did." He said, "So it's ok? We're cool?" I said, "Yeah. All good." She said, "He needed that. I got 2 orgasms out of him. Filled me up." She was now wearing just the wife beater. No panties. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. Soaking wet and had cum drooling out. She then took my fingers and licked the cum off them.

That was 6 months ago. They are still fucking to this day. I asked if they were. She said 2 times a week every week. Just 3 days ago she straddled him and fucked him cowgirl style right in front of me.

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