2020 out with a bang

I'm married guy 65 ....So I was next door helping the younger neighbor change out the wheel bearings in his 4x4 truck..Laying under on the driveway I could see his wife doing laundry in the garage. She wearing skin tight damn near see through spandex pants sporting fat camel toes. He busy working,she looked my way,made eye contact and rubbed a couple fingers up her pussy crack and headed into the house...I told my buddy I'd be right back that I had to pee...The thought was to go in check her out flirt a bit with her see where it goes,after all she is like 20 years younger than me....Knock,knock I said as I entered the house,having never been in their house I asked her where the bathroom is..Down the hall 2nd door on left she said while following me..I laughed telling her she was flirting with the wrong guy.........Moments later I had her bent over the counter,spandex pushed to the backs of her knees, balls deep in her from behind..I could hear him hammering away on his truck,her grunting ,animal sounds cumming while I hammered her from behind....She stayed in that position trying to catch her breath. My greasy hand prints on her hips,my cum running out of her twat as I stood over the toilet and pee'd....I smacked her ass as she was wiping her slut self......See you next time as I walked out and back to work on the truck.. Yea, I'll be helping him more often..

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