Father's last wish

I've lead a great life,long one to im 75 but diagnosed with terminal cancer,I was a bit of a boy in my day! Married the lovely Linda had two beautiful daughters but working in the restaurant game offered its fair share of women and I took them with both hands.obviously got divorced,girls didn't speak to me for 20 years but that's all in the past but I admit I love pussy! Which brings me to my dirty confession.a few months back when I got told I didn't have much time left I called to my oldest daughters house,I told her the bad news and we both broke down in tears,there's one thing I d love to do before I go love I said,I've got to have sex! With who dad I can't help you with that replied Sophie,are you sure there's nothing else! No that's my dying wish I don't care who it's with you your mother Jill across the road I don't care! Me!! Dad behave yourself, a pussy is a pussy I exclaimed you know what I was like years ago! Yes Sophie replied I heard all the stories about your big dick dad!! Really I said from who? Do you really want me to go there? Is it that big then my oldest daughter said laughing! I'll show her!! I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock!! Fucking hell dad it's huge!! Go on give a dying man his wish,Sophie cringed as she wrapped her hand around it! Omg I'm wanking my dad off she said!! I was hard in no time and my full 10 inches were there for my daughter to see!! Wow dad that's the biggest dick I've ever seen! Put it in your mouth love reluctantly my daughter was sucking me off! No one will know hun I said ill be dead in a few weeks! We were out the kitchen,I can't believe im doing this for you dad,Sophie got up from her chair undid her trouser buttons and pulled them down knickers too got on the kitchen table and opened her legs showing me her 40 year old hairy cunt! Quickly she said,I guided my head into her hairy pussy and eased all my 10inches into her,she'd never felt anything like it,I pounded away at her rub my clit dad she said the horny bitch,im coming don't stop and with that she squirted pussy juice every where,put it in my arse dad !! The slut! What I said,go on I love it,she lifted her legs just a bit higher,I could see her asshole clearly,she gripped my cock and put the tip of it in her ass,go on give it to me! She'd obviously been getting fucked up her ass for years! She took the lot,I fucked her ass for what seemed like half an hour then I could feel myself cumming,she knew I was close,she pushed me away dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth again! With that I let her have it,she couldn't swallow everything,my cum was dripping out of my daughters mouth what a sight!!!! What a daughter!! Think ill try my luck with the other one

18 days ago

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    • My dad's last wish was for a lap dance. So we brought a stripper to his hospital bed side to dance for him. She was great. She put her boobs all over him including his face. She put her legs across his chest let him feel her young tight skin. She even removed her all her clothing so he could see her hot hard young body. See stood next to him and put his arm around her waist and hand on her bare ass. The best thing is she only charged us $250.00 because he had been a Marine and her brother was in the Corp. Dad died two days later and he was so thrilled about her visit. We sent mom to get dinner out away from the hospital with out sister. She made us promise to video it so she could see it . This young gal made the end so much nicer . I can't thank her enough for what she did for out dad.

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