Corpus Christi Sissy

I live in Corpus Christi, I’m older but very much a Sissy. I would dress up for the evening, get on Craigslist and find men to hook up with. I always started drinking wine while getting myself as feminine as possible. I wore wigs, perfume full makeup. Sometimes in short shorts and a sleeveless blouse and high heels. Sometimes if it was cooler outside I would wear a dress sweater and boots. I would lube myself up and start the craigslist adventure. Sometimes my men would be young sometimes older it didn’t matter. I would sit outside on my phone fully dressed as a woman while drinking my wine and texting my dates. The more wine the more horney I got. I had become a sissy fag. I still am but have not met anyone for over a year now. The young men early 20s always stood up with me on my knees and held my head down on their dick. I loved that I loved the feeling of them cumming in my mouth. I have become a slut. I can’t stop staring at men’s crotch wherever I go. I would always use anal lube when getting ready to meet up. I can’t explain how good it feels to please a strange man. There were nights I met as many as three in one night. Sometimes I can’t remember any details. The next day at work I could still feel the anal sex and I stayed turned on all day thinking about the next outfit I would dress up in and fantasize about my head being held down on a young guys hard penis. I miss craigslist. I’m not sure if the definition of pure extasy was dolling myself up into a sissy fag or the feeling of the men holding my head down on their hard dick as they unloaded in my throat.

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