Community gang stalkers are major Perverts

I have been a victim of community organized gang stalking which is really believe it or not, State sponsored terrorism in all 50 states and backed up by all branches of military, police, CIA,FBI,NSA,DOD,DOJ,OSA and every other local, state and federal agency you could think of. These freaks do some really skanky things but the most disgusting ones I've personally witnessed them doing via binoculars while watching them hiding in bushes or trees is I've been seeing them constantly shoving there hands and arms up their own Butts and their comrades Butts and eating Feces. I swear i'm not joking and I've witnessed this on many occasions over the last 5 years on South Whidbey Island in Washington State about 20 miles North of Seattle. I've seen some really nasty freaky shit in my life but OMG these sick ass fuckers are the most Vile, Repugnant, Disgusting degenerate freaks I've ever seen in my 62 years of life. One of them about 4 1/2 years ago while I was outside one evening even shoved his hand up his butt and threw the feces he pulled out of his rectum at me and missed thank God, and Oh my God he started licking his hand and fingers afterwards. I just know what else to say except for these sick twisted freaks are lower than the most stinky feces from the bowels of our planet.



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  • We are watching you. Keep it up and see what happens next. We are many and everywhere. Your all alone. Sleep tight my friend.

  • Don't you kids have some other sites where you can go spread your shit talk ?

  • Holy fuck, dude. Step away from the crack pipe, find the nearest hospital, walk into the ER and ask them to put you on a voluntary psychiatric hold for evaluation. You are grossly unstable, unless, of course, you are just talking about the thousands of homeless bums that have invaded Washington state, and yes, they do run around giving themselves five finger enemas and eating each others shit.

  • Hey I 100% understand your thinking I honestly do but hey may I ask you to do me a very small favor and reply back to me again after listening to this video. Please

  • You must have the really hardcore meth out in South Whidbey

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