Adult Motel..

One night we made a last minute decision to go to a nascar race in Charlotte N.C. which was about a 3 hour drive for us. When we got there we found there were no rooms to be found. We ended up getting lost and ended up in a kind of rough part of the downtown area. But did finally see a motel that the sign said vacancy. At that point we didn't care what kind of place it was as long as it had a bed. When I went in to register I was taken a bit off guard when I saw a sign that said no one under 21 allowed,and a glass case filled with various sex toys,condoms & lubes and another sign advertising adult movies on 3 different channels.

But the place looked clean and we were tired of driving around. I explained to the desk clerk our problem finding a room and confessed that I was only 20 an my wife 19. And he said that was OK . But ask if we realized it was an adult motel. I said we did not realizing exactly he meant. But the moment we walked in saw what he was talking about. There was a big round bed with a fuzzy bed spread on it. 2 walls were mirrored and another had a huge jungle themed murral. The overhead light had a red floodlight bulb in it. And when we turned on the tv to see about the adult movies I'd seen advertised we found that the 3 channels of adult movies were the only channel's period. And could hear what sounded like splashing water from the room next door and then saw a flash from under the adjoining door. Obviously from a camera and realized it was someone taking pictures of another person in a hot tub.

Rather than being shocked we were very turned on. Fortunatly my wife had packed a few of her sexy outfits and I'd brought lots of film. At this point we were no longer tired from the trip we were re-energized. Lynn took a quick shower and put on her make-up and one of her sexy garterbelt & stocking outfits. While she was getting ready I'd gone up the steps that were right in front of our door to the drink machine. Coming down I could see that you could see right in our window. So I opened the wooded shades on our window went back to the steps and had a perfect view of our bed.

We started taking pictures and when someone came down the metal stairs you couldn't help but hear them. And as expected when they saw my sexy 19 yo wife posed very seductively on the bed the footsteps stopped. Knowing we had an audience Lynn started to squeeze her nice big tits and rub her hairy little bush really putting on a show for them as I took pictures. Over the next couple of hours we had several guys and one couple stop and watch. And I'd started to help with the show moving to the bed so they could watch her suck my cock and me fucking her from behind. I'm sure they enjoyed the show. And it was a turn on for us as well. I loved knowing these people were seeing my very hot 19-yo wife's hot 5-8,110lb 34C-24-35 body. With long red hair and legs that went on forever she was smokin hot.

As time went on everyone seemed to be settling in so we lost our audience. We'd noticed how the guy who'd checked us in had been checking out Lynn so we decided to have some fun with him. I went to the office and told him we couldn't get anything on our TV " I'd loosened the coax ". He came back to the room with me and I opened the door letting him go in first. Lynn was on the bed naked except for a sexy black garter belt,sheer stockings and a pair of spiked heels. With her dark red lipstick & nail polish we jokingly called prostitute red she looked hot as hell. She just smiled at him and continued sitting there.

I think he found the problem right away but took his time so he could check out my wife longer. He was looking at her in one of the mirrors so as to not be too obvious. I sat on the edge of the bed and she reached over an started to rub my cock through my pants. Once he fixed the problem we began asking him questions about the motel giving him the opportunity to keep watching her. And she continued to openly rub my cock through my pants. Then she ask if the movies were one he played. He said they had 3 vcr's that played movies his boss had picked out. She ask if he could put on a movie of a girl in a 3-some with 2 guys ? an before he could answer she said she was really turned on by 2 guys at once. You could see his expression change. With a big smile he said he couldn't just change a movie until the one in was over but he'd try and find one but it would be a while as he'd just started the ones on then.

I'd thought it was going to just be her exposing herself to the guy. So was a bit surprised when she leaned forward her tits hanging down and as she looked him in the eye said in a sexy voice how she wanted 2 cocks right then as she reached over and began to squeeze his hard cock through his pants. He was definatly taken by surprised and ask if she was serious. Her reply was to start to unbuckle his belt. After asking if I was OK with this he helped her get his cock out. She started licking up & down the shaft and around the head then took his cock in her mouth taking more & more of it. He was fondling her tits while she sucked him off. I undressed and stood beside him. She took turns sucking us off and at times pressing our cocks together taking both at once. But I got a bit uneasy when he started to reach over and play with my balls. But didn't want to cause a scene I casually moved behind her and started to fuck her doggie style. At her request we both shot our loads all over her face & tits.

He'd been gone from the office for a while so he didn't hang around. But did say several times how much he'd enjoyed it.

He must have told the guy who'd relieved him because the next morning when we were checking out as soon as the guy working that morning heard our room number he got a little grin on his face and started looking outside trying to get a look at Lynn.

We stayed in Charlotte a cpl of days and went to a nicer hotel with a bar and room service and had more fun. But that night we stayed in the Adult Motel we found by accident is still one of our favorite experiences.

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