I have a friend that I used to talk to on the phone some years ago. Well, actually we never really met. We met on a phone chat line. We mostly talked about the fact that both of us were sissys. 'She" would go out clubbing and all dressed up with some of her girls and didn't care if anyone knew her secret. While I on the other hand always hid the fact that I loved wearing women's clothes. But after a while "her" two boys came to live with her and she had to stop dressing around them. About that same time my sister came to stay with me and I had to stop dressing as well. Now after a long time my sister has finally moved out. For some strange reason I decided to contact my friend in an email and asked her if she still liked dressing. She wrote back and said that she was just getting back into it because now the boys were gone and she could dress again. I got the feeling that something between us is about to happen because "she" knows a lot of sissys. I know she's going to try to talk me into starting to dress up again. Time will tell.

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