Exploring my best friend's body

My friend Tom and i were best friends. We were still in grade school when we started to explore each other's bodies. We were scared at first, but both got into it. Even then, my cock seemed big, long and straight. Tom's was shorter, thicker. I used to love stroking his cock and cradling his balls with my other hand. Soon i was being the "woman" in our little fantasies. I would pleasure anytime could, jacking him off. Even though we were too young to actually cum on each other, we would cclimax anmmind orgasm, our cocks were throbbing and "cumming". I loved kissing his gorgeous cock, but didnt suck on it...at least not right a way. One night, i heard my mom and dad mumbling and moaning in their room. I snuck up to their door which was open and the light was on. My mom was sucking my dad's cock. I could see his hard wet cock. It lonoked like my cock. Even the same size! His mustve been about 8 or 9 inches. My mom was sucking and stroking this gorgeous boner. Then he let out a loud moan, his cock was throbbing like ours did, but then he started shooting out long spurts white semen. I was so turned on.
I did it to Tom. I wrapped my lips around his hard hot cock. Soon he let out a huge moan, and his dick throbbed and pulsated in my mouth. No cum, since we were 10. I did suck his cock every chance we had. One day, he was old enough to produce sperm, caught me off guard and shot a huge load in my mouth! It tasted soooo good. By the time we were 12, i was sucking and milking him every chance i could.
I still get turned on when i think it. One day, older sister wanted to give me a blowjob


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  • When I was twelve my mom finally told me yes to sleeping out in my friends backyard in a tent. I was so excited and we once we were all settled in we began reading magazines and some of them were porn, they led me right into comparing cock sizes and next thing I know one of them had there fingers wrapped around mine. I was so shocked I just laid there not knowing what to do as he kept stroking and gripping it. He got up and moved around and I watched as he brought his head down and began sucking on it, my other friend just laid there smiling at me and said feels great doesn't it?
    We ended up staying up really late and just sucking each other off over and over like three times that night and honestly I do not think I would hesitate again to go back to that time. We would suck each other off all the time and it felt absolutely amazing to be sucked on for like half an hour.

  • Did the same in a cave in the bush with my mates we copied what they were doing in the mag

  • You'r sick.

  • Fuck off pedo. I hope someone kills you. sick fuck.

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