I have to say….I long fantasized about my wife fucking another guy…any guy….maybe a BBC. But never could talk to her about it. She’s so reserved and so fucking southern baptist in her thinking.

But damn, it would really turn me on to watch her getting pounded by another guy…especially my best friend. And I think he would agree to it, but she would never. Damn.

But now…it’s gone past just fantasy. I desire to watch her fuck my best friend…hard. I want him to pound her into submission and cum deep into her pussy. I may be sick, but that’s what I want.

Am I alone in this thinking? Please let me know.

1 month ago

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    • It was slow going getting my wife to do a threesum I got her to fuck me and another guy about 8 times I don't tell her hey we are going out to meet a guy and do a threesum, I set up a situation where we will run in to him somewhere and go have a drink, after 3 or 4 drinks my wife will be in the mood to fuck us. We will invite him to our house for another drink or two, My wife says that she was never in doubt about what we are going to do. The fun part is getting from that point to getting our clothes off and start talking about fucking.

    • No def not alone. I desire that too. I actually paste pics of my girls face and my best friends face on porn and jerk. I cum so hard. I want to watch her get stretched out by his big dick and pound her guts so deep until he pumps his seed into her womb. Fuck i need it to happen. Ur rite its so hot

    • No, you're not alone. My wife and I got into that for awhile. She was a bit reluctant at first, but, warmed to it. In the beginning, we went for big dicks since I'm a normal six inches. One guy, with a ten inch prong could sure get it up, and in, but he was an asshole, to me, basically just didn't want me around. Also, he might've had a big one, but, had no game in the fuck department. He'd just slam away, and make her sore. Another guy was equally as big, and was much nicer, but, was a drunk, and couldn't get it up, most of the time. Turns out a much younger man with a small cock, four inches, rock hard, did much better and was bi, so he liked me too. Another guy, who was our favorite, was a six incher like me, loved role play and BDSM, and loved to cum in my mouth, and occasionally ass-fuck me. He got married and his wife didn't like us, not for those kind of games, anyway. Good luck in your pursuits.

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