Need disipline

I am a male and I am straight but some time ago I fell to the addiction to be disciplined. I have been disciplined by male and female together. It was an escape a and brought me sat on another scale. I played the role as a girl for a couple that pleasured me beyond belief. I have not had a chance to roleplay in quite some time. And my butt needs paddled. I have not been disciplined in awhile and need I t so bad. And at the same time fulfilling somebody else fantasy. So I just hold it in hoping I find that guy or girl or both that knows how important it is to be satisfied and engage in something that brings great joy in our lives. I never knew anything about this fetish until I stumbled upon it in my teen years and I would not change the discipline sessions for nothing in this world. So I say just be who you are don't change if you don't want to. One day I will be spanked again because we all need it

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