My girlfriends feet

I just want to say it, I use to find feet gross and a turn off and just straight up weird on how toes look deformed and what not, anyways a turn off but yeah anyways I've recently have been getting extremely turned on and horny by looking at my girlfriends feet like my dick will be dripping wet for her and it's only towards her feet no body elses I find feet to be a turn off except for my girlfriends I guess it's a good thing but yeah and while I m talking about her, legss oh my soul 😌 she calls her legs fat❤️ but god no there not there percent there sexy there pretty long and she's just has very sexy shaped legs and she's native so she has a perfect sexy tan, and her boobs she complains how there too big but nope nope nope 😌I love them I could just hold them all the time i wish could titty fuck them and cum in her tits and god her lips she has the sexiest but the most sexiest lipss she has a sexy cupids heart like yes 😌 and her eyess lol there so dark u can't even see them which makes it that much more special because when the light hits them she has the most beautiful breath taking eyes you could ever see 🙈, sadly but gladly with all the appreciation of God she's christian, so yeah sadly I can't have sex with her 🙁even though she gets wet for me we can cuddle fully clothed and her pants will be wet but yeah sucks I masturbate to her pictures every day day dreaming bending her over and fucking her and cumming in her vagina.. I would gladly have sex with my girlfriend like any sex any kind of sexual thing I'll be glad to do as long as I cum with her or because of her IDC I'll fuck her feet her thighs I'll bring up her legs close and fuck her legs like fuck it I'll send try fucking her arm pit that's how horny I am for her I'll do anything to fuck her vagina it must be so wet and warm, I get hard just thinking of her

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • WTF is this about!

  • In before the Podophobic and Homophobic loser with daddy issues who sleeps with his sister comes in accuses you of being a Foot Sniffer.

  • Who are you talking about?

  • Some loser on here who keeps commenting on every post about feet accusing them of being the same person and talking shit about them and hating on them calling them a foot sniffer. This person is extremely childish and thinks he’s some alpha male and thinks he has a bigger dick than anyone and is also homophobic too

  • Do you like sniffing feet?

  • Do you like sniffing your nosebleed because you clearly have no life and sound like a broken record with your childish insults are you some pubescent middle schooler or just naturally inbred White trash. In fact I think you deserve to be smacked in the face with a can of Twisted Tea and get a broken nose because your stupid ass needs your nose broken

  • All I did was ask a question! I am the same guy who asked you, Who are you talking about? Gee thanks.

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