Growing out of Puberty

When I was around 10 there was a neighborhood girl 9 or10 when we were playing in a shed, she wanted to play doctor and we got undressed. This was the first time I seen a naked girl, and enjoyed looking at her p****. She had me lay on the table while she fondled my C*** and B****, I liked how her hands felt. Then she had me get up and she laid down. As I ran my fingers over her P**** she told me to wet my fingers then slide them against her P**** lips. She sat on the table and had me stand between her legs and she rub my C*** head against her P**** lips. She then got off the table and knelled down and put her mouth on my C*** and sucked it. At some point we heard someone hollering who's in there. We both quickly grabbed our cloths and ran out the back. She ran home and I went into the house and when I saw my mother I wondered if she looked like the girl.

I never did see the girl from the shed again, but continued to remember how she looked and how nice it felt with her. Over the next couple years when I seen panties I would think of her and at times touch myself. I must of been 11 or 12 when I was in my room upstairs when I notice a hole in the closet floor and saw my mother in the tub. I couldn't help but watch her and before I knew it I pulled my pants down and fondled my C*** as I looked at her P**** in the bath water. I think that was the first time I felt it get hard. After that I started to play with myself more and enjoyed the feeling of girls panties against my C***. I got where I would wrap the pant*** around my hard C*** and stroke myself until I C** in them. With the hole in the upstairs closet I was able to enjoy my older sister and mom while they bathed. I enjoyed my sister because she would enjoy fingering her P***** and never knew I watched her as I played with my C***. (maybe she did?)

When I got older I would slowly M********* and see how long I could go before C******. I'd try fast and slow strokes to get at the peak then stopped just before I would c**. I was 16 or 17 the first time I slipped my C*** into a real P**** the feeling was so wonderful I couldn't help but C** too soon! With the girl's help and patient she would have sex 2 or 3 times a week, each time I was able to hold it longer. At the end of summer her and her family closed up the summer house and went to their winter house. The next summer our first day visit was erotic as we indulged in oral s** and not only could I hold it, I was able to have multiple o***** with her.

Sorry it is so long, I never sat down and reviewed my early years... Maybe that's why I still enjoy m*********** as well as having s**.


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  • I don't think you can be a kid and a pedo at the same's called child development and curiosity.

  • You can swear here. Swearing makes a story so much better.

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