Missing a friend

Last night I had a very graphic dream about a close friend who I used to sleep with occasionally... It was weird waking up next to my wife after dreaming about riding on top of him.

Both of us are now married in same sex relationships. I'm happy for him and love my wife so much. Buuuut I miss him. Sometimes I think maybe I just miss cock. But thinking about him I realise, mostly I miss how kinky he was.
I miss him pulling my hair, I miss him holding me down, I miss how he could throw me around, I miss the bruises and bitemarks, I even miss his really gross way of fucking my ass and trying to make me suck him off (I only ever did that if I'd cleaned out down there first) but mostly I miss the feel of him holding me afterwards.

I love my wife and I want to be with her, I just wish she could be rough with me the way he was. I wish she could make me feel like a slutty princess the way he did.

If we lived closer I would be tempted to see if he'd secretly fuck me one more time just for old times sake.

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