Back in '04-'05 I used to babysit for a married couple for extra money for college. I was 19. It was an easy gig, paid well, and I worked regularly about 2x a week. Their kid was pretty easy to deal with (4 yo boy), and most of the time I could study for class or do homework while I watched him.

What the wife didn't know was that I was earning a little extra on the side by fucking her husband at my apartment. He was 38 and good looking. He said I did all of the stuff that his wife no longer did--blowjobs, rimjobs, anal. Our trysts went on for about a year and his wife never found out.

I look back on those days fondly, and I kinda miss him. I'm married with kids now too, live in a different city now, but I really miss that guy's cock.

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  • You'r married now. So tell us if you would approve of your husband fucking the babysitter? And paying her for sex! You where a whore you could have done him for free. But the minute you took money you became a whore. Does your husband know that you where a whore?

  • I to baby sit usually Fri and Saturday nights or during the week when her husband needs a favor from me. That all started when after taking me home then first night he handed me my pay and it was30 bucks to much and I gave him a big big kiss for it. the next tine I gave him a BJ, then it was a quicky then he started in calling me on my own and the baby I was to sit was him for up to 12 hours in another town away from prying eyes.

  • So now you are a hooker preforming sex for money. bet your parents are proud of you.

  • Most people don't believe guys when they do things like this, but I would have sex with older women for money when I was in college. I had 5 different women in their forties who were all regulars. Then I would get the onesie who just wanted a quick satisfying. I never had to work a real job and had plenty of money. My 5 regulars were disappointed when I graduated and moved away.

  • That’s way you or have you cheated on your hubby?

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