15 minute bj

I like to on occasion put of some sexy lingerie, fishnets n heels then strut my sexy ass down the sidewalk late at night and one particular time a guy pulled over in front of me (I thought it was a cop but I was just some guy who was looking for some head) I got in, he drove me to an empty parking lot where I sucked his medium sized cock till he exploded his cum all over my face, then he dropped me off where he picked me up at and I walked home with his load all over my face.

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  • Sorry to interrupt my wife is a cheating pig. I have medical condition that I can't perform. I fucken hate sitting down here while she's up there ( talking to a friend ) I can hear them

  • Yeah and i bet he's pounding her better than you ever did right? You should go up there and clean them both up and then make some sandwiches.

  • WOW thanks

  • Try tucking your junk and wearing a strap on so you can be the one pleasuring her....... then clean her up ;)

  • I wish I could say that I haven't done this but I can't. I've done it more then a few times and it has provided me with some of the best memories I have. I would love to do it many more times too.

  • 10 days without an update - LAME ASS SITE!

  • .........12 days

  • ....... lucky 13 days!

  • These pricks that keep putting shit on the great and regal British Royal family are just a bunch of jealous, worthless, halfwit, arseholes obviously no real education and probably the same cunts that have no respect for President Trump one of the best.

  • I agree, President Trump is one of the best cunts.

  • Yeh that would be you harry and megs. hope you end up as big as the palace prego fat with twins and both of you get so fat and ugly !

  • They will probably have a spaz-kid because she is so pre-homo erectus ape walking and he is too and they will have ugly boy or girl anyway. inbred tard dna has to fuck up. not sorry to speak the truth. It would be good for royals to have a down syndrome or painful disablement kid to make disabled people more loveable in the media.

  • Now they are saying william confessed that meghan is pregnant to him and they were saying harry is the father of louis. why this shit? this confirms they are up to no good, no wonder they want the court broken up. I can see trouble starting now. 15 bj dailies.

  • Next nutmeg will be pregnant to George.

  • No one cares about the royals at all. no one likes them. no one. its fake like. they all fake liking them to back-stab them.

  • Why is someone always talking about the royals on here?

  • Last time I saw a dude walking down the road dressed in sexy lingerie, we pulled over, jumped out, and beat him to a bloody pulp with a baseball bat. You homos need to crawl back into the closet where you belong, or check into a psychiatric facility to learn how to deal with your mental defect. We shouldn't have to witness your abominal behavior in public.

  • There must be a healthier outlet for your suppressed same sex desires.

  • Try hotel restaurants and bars, they have a room that you can go back up to and have a lot of fun with them. All the guys I have been with have always wanted the same thing, NSA sex with a good looking woman.

  • Filthy beast

  • Omg we could be sisters. I love walking around in the evening or fog. Naked or nearly naked. I also wear lingerie under a long coat. It's an addiction the feeling is amazing.

  • 'sisters' - yeah right -'sisters' with dicks

  • "dicksters"??? LOL!

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