Getting the nerve to ask for it from a teen guy.

When growing up I had jacked-off with my neighborhood friends out in the woods or at our houses when we were all alone. It was the natural thing to do when hormones were raging. One friend was special to me however.
When we had gone through puberty and our cocks had grown bigger I began wanting to jack another guy to see how it felt. One day at my good friend's house we were naked and stroking our cocks when I asked if he would let me stroke him. He was fine with it and after doing it awhile I lowered my mouth over his cock and began sucking it. He loved it and came in my mouth after a bit and asked if I'd like mine sucked off. I did, and he sucked my cock til I came in his mouth.
Fast forward 6-8 months and he wanted me to stick my cock in his ass. No problem as I was very horny. I lubed up and buried my length into him and began pumping his ass until I came in torrents. I thought about it and asked if he wanted to stick his cock in my ass. He also did and lubed up. His cock was much thicker than mine and he slowly inserted it and began humping to get it all in. Wow! I was about split in half but endured his width until he came in me.
We had sex at his folks place for over 2 years until we moved on to having sex with girls. I'll never forget the great sex we had at his house.

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  • I was in 5th grade when a 15 year old boy popped my cherry ass. He was constantly having me suck or letting him fuck me and I liked it but couldn't admit it. When I was 12 I met another boy who was 14 and I was so excited by him but couldn't tell him what I wanted. He was enamored with my well shaped boy's ass and wanted to fuck me so bad. We'd wrestle in our underpants in a secluded part of the beach near our grandparents summer cottages and he always got a boner pressed against my firm fresh cheeks. He usually came and it would soak through my boy panties and we'd both giggle and run into the lake so no one would know. Finally I blurted out when he had me pinned on my stomach with his stiffie poking at me "FUCK ME ALREADY!" He sure did!

  • I had the same kind of experience with my best friend starting in the 6th grade sucking each other off. After the first time we couldn't stop and sucked each other off almost everyday. Months later I asked him to stick his dick in my ass and he was more than happy to and told me he had been wanting to ask me if he could but never did.
    The first time was in my bedroom while he and I were there alone. I can still remember getting naked and bending over the side of my bed while he stood behind me working his hard dick in to my tight young ass. It felt way too good to stop so once he started to fuck me I let him and even asked him to keep doing it after he came in my ass the first time and he fucked me until he got off in my ass two times that day and many times after that over the next several years. I let quite a few boys fuck me back then and have enjoyed it with a few men over the yeas and several were very well hung and they were the best.

  • My friend and I were fooling around in middle school during sleep overs. I wanted more than just touching and sucking each other and slept with his older brother and eventually my friend too.

  • Sounds kind of gay to me.

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