Foot Sniffers

This weird Ass Girl named Catherine in my Class really grossed me and everyone else out in class one time after this boy named Jacob who wears sandals over his socks every day to school and his socks are always dirty and his feet really stink. However that didn't stop Jacob from taking off his sandals in class and stinking up the damn room. I couldn't even concentrate on my test because of the smell of Jacob's Dirty Socks.

Then as a I tried to focus on my test, Catherine purposely dropped her pencil on the floor, crawled towards Jacob's Feet, and actually smelled Jacob's Feet in Class.

Me and everyone else including our Teacher saw this and we all yelled EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW in class as Jacob then put his smelly ass socked feet on Catherine's Desk and she continued to smell his Feet and I was about to throw up.

Our Teacher made both Jacob and Catherine leave and as class ended I saw Catherine smelling Jacob's Feet in the Hallway.

You know what fuck it, they can both have eachother two weirdo's who were made for eachother. I hope Catherine Sucks Jacob's Toes and get's a mouthful of Toejam.

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  • Dumb foot sniffing story written by a guy.

  • Dumb Comment written by a dumbass

  • But it is true.

  • No it's not dumbass you don't know a damn thing that's written by anybody, I bet you're just some bitter loser with daddy issues and sleeps with his sister.

  • Quit molesting kids!

  • No thanks not into incest of foot sniffing. I will leave the foot sniffing to you!
    It's all your's foot sniffer.

  • It was so gross you felt you needed to share this story and spread the grossness beyond your little hamlet?

  • They didn’t like my story there at the prison?

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