Animal loving wife. New kind of relationship?

I never considered a relationship with a woman where I was in the second role. I always liked to be dominant.
But once I was chatting with a girl on a dating site and we had virtual sex. And somehow it turned into her fantasy that I was her husband and she was cheating on me with a dog right in front of me. She wrote, "You're standing there watching me get fucked by a dog and jerking off nervously. You're only allowed to watch and be jealous for now."
"You will worship me, my lush ass and hairy pussy, and I will worship dog's cock."
I was shocked by this virtual sex and yet wildly aroused.
Now I want to ask women if they would like this kind of relationship in their family, when a woman loves her dog, while her husband worships her. For example, she sits on his face after intercourse with her dog. She pees. But at the same time she gives her husband sex only as a reward, reminding him constantly that she really wants her dog and not him.
She loves him as a close person, but for pleasure she dreams of a dog cock or a horse cock for example. Girls, how much you like it and would you like this kind of family relationship?

Apr 9


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    • Would love to see videos or pics of this

    • My wife lets our German Shepard fuck her almost daily. I love watching it.

    • My wifes girlfriend comes over twice a week one day she has our Labrador mount her friend the other her friend watches while she is mounted they are very experienced and can even wank the dog to a cum for fun they have the sexiest time, LUCKY DOG

    • My wife has sex with our terrific black Labrador almost every day, I love it when they are locked bum to bum after he has cum and they have to hold for a while, when she wants him to mount she puts down a big fluffy woolen rug and gets nude then gets on all fours bum high ready for him to climb on and start pumping, he usually goes straight into her cunt but sometimes in her arse makes no difference..

    • Hello buddy we can talk about your wife playing with her dog. please email me

    • My wife has a 6 year old Chocolate Lab that listens to her like she’s talking to a person. They fuck at least 3 times a week. Missionary position is how she trained him and he works her over every single time. He will come get her at any time to let her know if he wants to fuck. And she can say (Pussy wet Max come on)and he heads straight to their bench that has been modified with pads for them. Max’s knot makes her orgasm really easy. She has trained max so good that she is able to get 2 or 3 orgasms while they are stuck together.Wife has a friend that comes over for a weekend out of every month and the wife has let her in on Max.

    • That is amazing please tell me more I’m so hard

    • That is just so fantastic my wife also has our Labrador fuck her missionary they both love it, the dog does not pester he just waits till my wife gets naked and lays with legs wide then he get's just the biggest horn

    • That’s awesome I want to know about the first time

    • Gary they started fucking proper about 3 years ago, it took quite a while and a lot of patience to train him, first up I would lift him to mount then hold him in till he got some rhythm also hold him tight to her after he came and they locked the first few times that was scary for her, we used peanut butter on her cunt to get him liking and really interested, now they are just natural's at it, I really love watching he gives really large loads of cum so after they finish my wife puts on a diaper, it is great

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