Bbc with girl friend

My girlfriend at the time now my wife cheated on me with a black guy. Now it's been 25 years . We split up at the time cause of it. She was older then me and him at the time she was 25 we were both 18. When I found out something was going on I asked when was the first time they hooked up. She started confessing when and they had unprotected sex and he came in her. I said wait that's the day you came home a little late and I was waiting for you and I ate you out you had not showerd. She was like I told you no at first but you wanted to go down . I was like you let me clean this black dudes cum all up from in you. I was heated and left I did not speak to her for a couple weeks when I did we started banging off and on for a year . Now take it I have banged about 100 or so women during are marriage. But now I find myself getting horny and hard and looking at cuckhold porn. BBC banging chicks cumming in them and there husbands cleaning it up. What gives

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  • I had a chick that did this to me without knowing. I didn't undetstand the nights she was extra wet was because she already had sex. I always assumed it was because she was so turned on. The fucked up part is the wetter she was, the more I wanted to lick her. It wasn't until I read some of her texts that I realized she was cheating. I couldn't believe what a fucking slut she was, and still can't get over the fact I loved licking her pussy so much.
    Even though I didn't know it, eagerly licking her co-worker's cum from her so many times makes me feel so embarrassed and humiliated. The thought is twisted, but I actually really liked how she tasted on those occasions. It has made me question lots of things.

  • I hear you when I think back her pussy did not taste bad . I had my tounge all up in there . One time he came over in the morning cause she wouldn't answer the phone. I I answerd the door he was surprised cause she told him we broke up. He wanted to talk to her I just finished blowing her getting a bj. She went out side and talked to him told him I was there just to pick things up she gave him a kiss bye with her dick breath lol.

  • When I realized I enjoyed the taste of semen, I started to think about a lot of stuff. I got the courage to taste my own, and just like licking her wetness it left the same aftertaste. I think everyone can fill in the blanks

  • I get you I love tasting my precum. I licked a handful off my cum once. I want to to lick up the cream pie up in my wife after I cum in her but that adrenalin rush comes down after I nut. I think if my wife told me to get down and clean it up I would. You guys get it

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I'm wanting to do something with my wife but where she's blindfolded

  • Hot idea!

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