Sexually Harassed by Family Member

19 year old male

Every couple months my dad will come up behind me, put his crotch on my ass, hands on my hips, and kiss me on the back of the neck. He's done it right in front of my mom. It started when I was 15 around 6 months after a mentally ill family member (who I don't speak to anymore) falsey accused my dad of hurting my sister and I. CPS came to my house and the case was closed in record time because there wasn't any sighns of abuse.

The first time he did it he gave me 2 big kisses on the neck he was almost sucking on it. It made a giant noise. My mom was right there. I ran away yelling with soliva all over my neck because I thought my dad gave me a hickey. My sister said that my dad grabbed her feet and started kissing them (she's 16 now, 15 at the time when it happened).

I posted this on another website and 20 people replied in a day and they all said this was super serious. Someone said that these incidences seem "pre-calculated" because of how everything is fine in between.

My dad takes me on all of these cool trips, even to different countries (I dream of traveling to every country in the world). Someone said my dad is "grooming" me. This all makes no sense. I'm so scared. I don't know what to believe. I can't do anything about it because it will tare my family apart. I'm tearing up just writing this. I love my dad and I feel like my memory is failing me, even though the last incodent was a few days ago.

Tons of people said to just leave. But I'm on a lot of medication and if I don't finish my 5th year of high school I don't get my deploma (I would need to bring lidigation against my town and my privitae school to get it). I don't want to leave my home, pets, family, ect. I would be fucking homeless because I live in a part of the USA with the highest cost of living. Cold, homeless, hungry. alone, with draw from meds, scary shit.


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  • OH mighty anti incest warrior, I have noticed a dramatic reduction in incest posts on this site, your efforts are obviously paying off, keep up the great work hero

  • It sounds like you are in quite the conundrum. The best thing to do would need to be done in front of your dad. Come up behind your mom and start kissing the side of her neck while reaching around her cupping her breasts in your hands. Begin fondling them. When your mother says something like "Son, that's not something you should be doing with your mother," then you reply, "Then tell that to dad you dumb bitch!"

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  • Ignore the ignorant jackasses. What you are describing is serious and should be treated as such.

    The next time he touches you or your sister inappropriately, tell him to stop. If he ignores you, record it on your phone. You can immediately send it to your email or a cloud drive so he can't delete it. Tell him if he doesn't stop you're sending that video to the police. It's not funny, it's not appropriate and even if you love him you need to put a stop to it. Your mother should be standing up for you too. If the three of you are united against him then he may back off.

    Good luck anon, I hope you are able to resolve this peacefully

  • Go back to that website. We don't like fake incest propaganda bull shit here.

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  • Have you tried telling him it makes you uncomfortable and ask him to stop?

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