My sweet wife is a black guys play toy

I’m only putting this as cheating because my wife started cheating on me with black guy she met from work. The guy came in for a work meeting and saw my wife and asked her out. She told me this black cane in her office and hit on her but she said she turned him down. A few weeks later she was sleeping face down on bed with her perfect little Ass showing and on the side of her theigh was a large hickie. I asked her the next day when she was sucking me off and she denied it was a hickie but we both knew she was full of it. Her pussy was shaved and it looked amazing but she never shaved only trimmed. She said I wanted to try something new. I asked a black friend above how I hear black guys shave a mwf’s pussy and leave marks and he said that’s pretty much a mark of possession when doing a white wife. I pretty much new it but just wanted to hear what he would say. Well she’s late from work a lot busy office as she says, but she knows I know. Few months ago I kissed her when she got home from work and I could tast the guys cum in her mouth, was strange but I must admit it was a turn on.

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  • My husband and I split after 5 years of marriage and 11 years total together. We had a son together. To much fighting in our last year together. One day was at the auto store getting my car worked on. Waited in waiting room. Short time later a black guy came and sat near me. He was a little on the chunky side. He started chatting with me. We charted for an hour then my car was ready, we exchanged numbers. We talked for a few days till Saturday arrived. My son was at his fathers for the weekend. So I invited the black gentleman over from the car shop. He came over, he smelled so good, he was dressed all cute in his black jump suit, timberland boots and hat. We talked for a while had a few drinks. We eventually started making out on the sofa. This was my first time ever being with someone of a different race. I was getting extremely wet and horny after almost a year of not getting any action. I took my hand and started rubbing his cock. After few mins I pulled his pants down and OMG he had a big and thick cock. I started sucking his cock. He was so much bigger than my ex husband. After sucking him off for awhile I decided I wanted to fuck him. Took him to my room sucked him some more then got on his cock and rode it like crazy. He got on top of me and was pounding my pussy like crazy, I had so many intense orgasms. I rode him reverse cowgirl for awhile. One thing I enjoyed about fucking this guy was the constant grunting sounds he was making and the dirty talk he often did. Especially when fucking me doggy style. He fucked me like crazy until he came inside me. It was so amazing. We fucked the next morning when we woke up and let him cum inside me again. We would date for a few months afterwards till we mutually agreed to end it.

  • That is such a hot story. What did your ex husband think of you with a black guy? Did you date any other black men after this?

  • Lol my ex husband 100% didn't like that I was dating this black guy. He was super jealous. He was always a racist type. I didn't date any other black guys since we ended that relationship. I just been going on the tinder app and doing hook ups. I have hooked up with 7 different black guys so far. They were mainly one night stands.

  • Any hot stories from the hook ups?

  • Not many hot stories to tell about the hook ups. Sex was good over all. 1st guy I hooked up with fucked me like crazy, he pulled out and shot his load all over my back. 2nd and 3rd guys were just guys I gave blow jobs to both of which came in my mouth. 4th,5th and 6th guys which I'm surprised about had a stigma about girls and wore condoms. Props to those guys. Those guys were OK at sex. And my 7th and most recent guy fucked me twice in one night but he blew his load rather quick.

  • My husband and I have discussed the neighbors son who's17 and Black and quite a attractive young lad and he asked me if I ever thought of having him and I said no and he kept asking me and one evening he asked me just as I came on him and said yes I thought about him fucking me just as you're doing that's why I came so hard. Jim my husband held me tight as he continued to fuck me telling me it's our neighbor cock in you now and again I came on him so hard my whole body quivered.
    Jim put the thought into my head and he must have said something to our neighbors son for two days later he fucked me for three hours in my bed making me cum on him like I never have before.
    Emanuel has been my lover for the past three months daily he comes over no more than five minutes after my husband leaves for work and gets right into bed with me and several times I'm still in bed when Jim gets home from work.
    Pity I can no longer cum when Jim fucks me for I barely feel him in me for Emanuel is three times as bit and a whole lot thicker stretching me out but still tight on him and he drives me crazy.
    He says I am going to be the death of him and I tell him he hadn't better for I need him as much as he wants me and yesterday it happened Jim came home inexpertly and caught Emanuel fucking me doggy in the living room, he didn't say anything just got down on his knees in front of me and stuck his cock in my mouth cumming almost immediately and Emanuel kept right on fucking me.

  • Good for him, he knows what you need and it’s black dick.

  • Because I'm unable to have kids me and my wife will eventually adopt.Quite like the idea of maybe a couple ethnic kids but love the idea of my wife getting pregnant with sperm donor or even getting a black guy to impregnate her so she can at least have a little mixed biological baby of her own.

  • My wife has been fucking black men for years. I caught her at it and since then she does it openly and doesn't care what I say. She tells me she has to do it and won't stop. She was on birth control too but has had two black babies none the less. I am raising our black kids as my own. She continues to go out whenever she pleases and fucks who she wants. my wife says she loves me but she needs big black cock.

  • Yes my wife says she would never leave me but absolutely needs a black cock to be happy.

  • I commend you for raising the kids. It's not easy. I've done it myself. People who didn't know us assumed I met and married her after the kids were born. Our biracial kids are grown now and doing great.

  • It’s how my wife is she loves me but wants to be black guys sex toy and I can not compete with that and don’t even try.

  • If she gets pregnant what will you do?

  • She is on the pill and has no intention of going off it.

  • Her getting pregnant for him is pretty much a mark of possession and you raising the kid means you too.

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