I was 18 unable to buy beer so this older man who was 24 offered to buy. Some for me so I got in car and we went to liquor store .rode around all nite drank , nothing happened never crossed my mind concerning this went for a couple of months then one nite we were talking and he said if I tell you something Will you not repeat it I agreed he said he walked in on two of his friends and they were
Jacking each other off I was stunned . he asked what would you have done I said got the hell out of there hoping they didn't see me .thats what he said he done he was asking things like can you believe guys do that what do I think about men doing that can you imagine doing that. I was like hell no I'm not into that but you each to his own . couple hours later he said I kinda lied about what he told me earlier , he just wanted to be straight with me I told him no big deal .he said he didn't leave but got in bed with them and sucked both dicks and that I made him hot and horny and would I let him suck my cock. I was speechless . I said I don't think I can do that . he told me I've been waiting for the right time but couldn't wait any longer. That he was tired of going home to jack off thinking about sucking my cock and me fucking him he said I'm not gonna ask you to suck or touch my cock just let me suck you off I didn't answer right away not because I was thinking about it but just shocked I finally said that I couldn't. He said ok will we still be friends I said sure I kinda avoided him for about 3 weeks. In the meantime one night as I was jacking off out of nowhere the thought of him sucking me excited me right before I got off and it made me cum hard one of best times I ever got off. Didn't know what to think . So I made an honest effort to run into him and if he ask again I wasn't going to say no but maybe. He never asked


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  • Do it it's not wrong to suck and be sucked done it lots of times loved it enjoy

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Don't do it you will end up being a queer poofter

  • So what's wrong with that? You get way more sex.

  • Dude, you know he still wants to. Just tell him you are so fucking horny and he will probably offer his mouth to you.

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