Cream pie

I want to fuck my sister-in-law who drives me nuts because she’s a know it all. But I want to lick her pussy clean afterwards. What does this mean?!

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  • You're a man

  • Yes he is a man you dumb fuck. A man who wants to eat cum. Otherwise known as a sissy fag.

  • You'r a poofer!

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • You'r a gay faggot thats what it means.

  • Faggot? Do you even know what faggot means? Nothing gay about this post.

  • What the fuck you talking about. He wants to eat cum!!!! I don't care if it is his or not. If a guy eats cum they are a faggot.

  • You sound like an idiot that has no idea about homosexuality. Or sexuality, for that matter.

  • Straight men have no interest in eating cum period. Gay men eat cum. Faggot is a term for gay men. You are the OP and you are a faggot if you like eating cum.

  • Repeating things that make you sound like an idiot does not help your foolish view.

  • If the truth hurts then don't write that crap! Any guy who wants to eat cum ain't straight. Is that better for you dumb ass.

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