Love cheating on boyfriend

I love cheating on my boyfriend when he is not at home. I do that mainly for the adrenaline that I get out of it. I love my boyfriend, but I have really great sex with my lovers knowing that we could get caught. My boyfriend is quite big (1.90) and relatively muscular, so what really makes the whole thing exciting is the idea that the man that is with me could get beaten up in front of the woman he was taking.
so when I cheat I usually do that with men that are way smaller than my boyfriend. Sometimes I tell them that I have such a boyfriend while we are making out. If they worry or even lose their erection, I give them oral to and it usuall works.

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  • I volunteer as tribute 🤣

  • I'm a married woman and I'm quite the opposite. Because my husband is small and thin in both ways I like sleeping with men who are big and muscular.I've picked up a couple gorgeous black men from the gym too.I've brought some home and had them in my bed while my husband was away and the thought occurred to me that if he caught us and got mad he could be beaten to within an inch of his life.I'm not wishing that on him but the thought kinda gave me the chills and it produced some crazy feelings during sex which got me off big time.Hey not as bad as wanting to be strangled to get help get off.

  • I think our thoughts are very similar, we just ended up marrying different men. And I see what you mean, it is the thought that gives you quite a crazy feeling, not the act itself!

  • Yes exactly if you're mind is imaginative enough it can greatly affect your sex life in amazing ways.

  • You and women like you are the reason men don't want to marry

  • As a woman I have to confess that the idea is quite alluring. The idea that a man at the peak of his manhood could be emasculated an any time is quite interesting!

  • You are just as bad as the slob who posted this thing

  • I have a fantasy where I hook up with a woman like you, but when her man comes back I realize I have

  • ...been set up by her to be their toy.

  • Are you saying, she would set up eveything to have you beaten up?

  • Not beaten up. Used as their toy for their sexual gratification.

  • I never thought about that, and I am afraid that if my boyfriend caught us, he would beat the crap out of the poor guy rather than to toy with him. This is actually what makes everything really exciting, for me at least.

  • What if he decides to beat the crap out of you , then what you idiot

  • Ups, someone has his period...

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