My wife sister pt2

If you have not read my first post my wife's sister then read it before you continue.
Just before Christmas 2019, Gerry came home and found a letter in the door addressed to her on opening it she found out that she had came into a sum of money.
We had been thinking of moving for a while but every place we looked at was out of our reach, anyway not now.
what i did not know was that she had found a place on the outskirts of a small village of Doddington, Kent, we had had a look at it before but it needed work done on it ,repair the roof and gutter and a fresh lick of paint, 3 months later were in.
its four bedroomed all are large with a large garden and a small wood and most important to us no one at all living within about a mile and out of sight
of the lane.
we had moved in when Anna my wife sister turned up and was looking around now i have had her on good many times with the wife there and sometimes when she has been away all of which she knows about.
After Anna had gone Gerry said about letting Anna move in as we both worked and the house would be empty during the working week, anyway we agreed to it and she moved in.
well when Anna moved in she brought a present with her in the form of a cellmate chastity device which can be locked from a mobile phone from any where in the world.
Any way a couple of Fridays got home no about went up stairs to find a long orange wedding like dress on the bed with the cellmate and a note that read, change into this put chastity device on and lock it on then phone me, love gerry.
So as I'm the slave i done as was told as soon as she answered it, was told to make my way to the wood which also belongs to us, when i got there and found her she was not alone Anna was there to.
Just behind them was a small clearing in the middle was like a angled platform slopping up wards, the next thing i know they take me to it and tie
me to it both arms out and then both legs tied then they put a hood over my head and put the shock collar round my neck then disappeared one or both would come back now and then just to check on me and play with me but never untying me or removing the hood.
then with out warning I'm untied and led back to the house still with the hood on, the cell mate is removed and I'm placed on the bench and chained to it. then during the time I'm there i have every thing imageable done to me.
then the hood is removed and there was not only the wife and Anna but another four female friends of there's the rest of the weekend is bjust a haze of body's and sex after would i was told it won't happen again

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