First time for everything

When I was 15, I was walking on this paved trails by the river (the river trail) it was late at night, around 11pm and I just had gotten in a fight with my mother, I was so heated in the moment, so I went for a walk. While I was walking on the river trail I came across these two older men; couldn’t tell exactly what they looked like due to the faint moonlight. Anyways they were sitting on a bench just off the trail. As I pass them, one says “hey bud would you like to smoke a joint with us?” And being from colorado where everyone smokes, I agreed. Also because my mother didn’t let me smoke at the time. Anyways these two men get up and say “follow me” we make our way off the main trail , through some trees and dense foliage, down by the shore of the river. At this point one of the men slipped behind me and sat down on a log resting next to the trees. The other man, still standing is making small talk with me. “What’s your name?” “where do you live?” That kind of small talk. While I’m talking with him, I hear a lighter flic, assuming he was lighting the joint and about to pass it to me, I turned around to face him. When I turned around to grab the joint the man that was sitting on the log was now standing, cock out of his pants, joint in mouth. I turned back around quickly to the other guy I was taking to and he had taken out a knife that I assume was in his pocket and held it up to my throat. The guy who had lit the joint, with his cock hanging out of his jeans says “you know what to do” without hesitation I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth, after about 5-10 minutes of being through fucked, the man holding the knife unzipped his pants and handed off the knife to the first man, he grabbed the top of my head and forcefully turned my head to face him. I began sucking his cock while the first guy held the knife to me. I was terrified at first but then I started to get very hard... while they were taking turns fucking my mouth I slipped my hands in my pants and began to jerk my rock hard cock. They both laughed and said “you must like this quite a lot” I shook my head yes and continued to let them throat fuck me, it lasted 30-45 minutes and after they came, they told me that they’d been recording the whole thing, which made sense, there was a light being shined on me, but I didn’t put it together in the moment. They threatened that if I didn’t continue to serve them that they would post it all over social media and leek the video to my friends and family. Long story short for 5 months straight I’d meet these two men every other night whenever they messaged me to meet them and served them secretly need to the river. The moved eventually and I lost contact with them. Sad, wish I had more random cocks too suck!

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  • I love sucking cock, random to me means any cock anytime. I started advertising in adult internet posts seeking cock, was answered by many. It took about 4 years of averaging 2 to 5 men every week, some became steadys when I realized I had sucked well over 100 different men. I love the variety of large and small, cut and uncut, thin runny cum and thick lumpy cum, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter.. love it all. I truly love being a male slut for cock and cum.

  • Post your reply on another post. This one should be left alone. The OP is a sick fuck for posting pedophilia crap here.

  • Fuck you and you pedophilic post ASS HOLE! I would pay for a video of someone executing you.

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