Drunk and out of it

She used to get so drunk that most nights she would be passed out from it and with my hormones raging it was hard to resist touching her. It did not help at all that she had a body that was great to look at, her nipples alone gave me a hard on. When she was really drunk but still functioning it was like she was hypnotized, she would do what ever I asked her to do, I even added an extra shot of vodka to her drink when she asked me to refill it. Some reading this would think that my childhood was in a low income housing area surrounded by blight but it was quite the opposite. She either never remembered a thing or enjoyed letting me play with her, either way it was a great time and she never talked about any of it.
I would wait until she started talking non stop this was always her tell that she was getting very drunk then there would be the vacant stare along with repeating stories or wanting to watch her favorite murder mystery series. She would be passed out in about an hour or less so I would begin my fun with her asking her a few questions to get her thinking about sex, I would ask her what she liked doing to men to turn them on, how she liked to suck a cock or what her favorite position was for sex. She always answered the position one pretty consistently with doggie style which has become my favorite later in life myself.
I usually only had to ask a few times and she would crawl across the floor to where ever I was sitting, I would lower my pants and she would start licking and sucking on my cock like it was instinctive for her. I also tried to always plan ahead and either put a towel under me or my t-shirt because she was a sloppy sucker for sure, my balls would be drenched with saliva and cum when she was done or just saliva if she passed out while doing it.
If I was in a mood to see her naked it never took much coaxing to get her clothes off, I would tell her to play with her nipples asking her things like how do you like them stimulated. She liked them licked but also pulled and sometimes I was amazed at how far she would stretch them. I would caress them for hours watching them grow erect and go back down, I would lightly pinch them, pull on them and lick them. She had very lovely nipples, big areolae and they would get so reddish in color, I loved to watch them become erect in my fingers. When she was passed out they would react to ice cubes really well getting so hard and the wetness made them even more beautiful.
I also loved running my fingers over her vagina with her legs spread wide open, I explored it spreading her lips out and pulling her hood back exposing her clitoris. I would rub it circling my finger around it and watch her reactions, one night I got peed on pretty good when she had an orgasm so I learned to not have my face right between her legs because she would do that often. I thought about the first time a man gave her oral and she did that to him, would have been a bit embarrassing but maybe she only did it when really drunk.
I remember the first time I spread her out while laying on her front side and looked at her legs following them up to her rear end, all the curves and different shades of skin. She always had her body waxed at the salon so everything was so smooth, I remember the first time I was with one of my girlfriends and got her naked. She shaved her legs and armpits but she had a full pubic area and it looked so different to me. I loved to look at her anus while spreading her cheeks apart, it was so symmetrical and the lines softly blended at the edge of the circle. I would run my finger around it and sometimes it would tighten up flexing into a small tight star and the first time I saw it pulsate when she had an orgasm it was so magical.
I still miss those sloppy blow jobs though and the way she could swallow my entire cock, no other person has done that to me to date. The tight feeling in her throat pulsating on my cock as she swallowed was amazing and I never pushed myself into her. She would lick and suck on my head getting me hard as ever which back then was about thirty seconds then she would bring her mouth down onto my with her tongue slightly out of her mouth and I would feel it licking my scrotum. She would then start swallowing and the action would try to pull the head right off my cock like it was perfectly formed just for that purpose. She only gagged a few times over the years which I found to be a little bit of a turn on actually and one time sperm came out of her nose which was amazing.
I think one night though she was sort of with it because I was laying on her bed and she was down sucking on my cock. She stopped and told me she really wanted to ride it, she had never done this before or again for that matter. She reached over to the bedside table and pulled open the drawer retrieving a condom, she opened it with her teeth and fingers then slid it right down onto me very well. She climbed on top of me and sank it right into her fully then just gyrated her hips around while fingering herself. I felt my cock getting squeezed and over and over while she worked herself up to an orgasm. It was truly erotic watching her have that one as her body pulsated and she collapsed down on top of me moving her hips around like it was beyond her control, gasping and moaning. I had orgasmed myself about five minutes before she stopped and she laid there for a minute getting her breath back then slid down to my cock again. She licked the outside of the condom and my balls telling me she loved her own flavor then said she made a mess. She pulled off the condom and whatever did not come off inside it she licked and sucked off of me then fell down on her side pulling the blanket around her and was sleeping in like two minutes. I had no idea there were condoms in the bedside table and this led me down another source of enjoyment since all I ever did was have a few strokes of pleasure then masturbated myself.
So all in all it was probably a time in my life that should be looked back on with a psychiatrist but for me it was a few years of exploration and pleasure which will never happen again.

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  • Very nice. Wish I had those experiences to remember.

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