I was showering recently and I was expecting an important phone call. Of course I forgot to take my phone in with me.
As I was just stepping out of the shower dripping wet, I heard my phone ring and my wife called out, "Your phone"
I ran out of the shower to get it. It was on the dining room table past the front door.
As I passed the front door, I was very surprised to see my wife there with the front door wide open talking to our two twenty something girls. They called out to me as I had my phone to my ear. I turned to them and they waved. My dick started to swell up and they pulled out their phones and clicked away, laughing. I tried to walk away and I heard them say that they were going to post it on Tick Tock.
My phone call was from my doctor and she had put me on video phone. I inadvertantly angled it down and she got a good lood at me aroused

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  • Firemen broke in my apartment and drug me out naked. It was 3 AM and the building next mine was blazing. It was a big complex. 4 doors down they did the same to a hot naked nurse I only knew to say hi to. 30 others had PJs or underwear on. We sort of gravitated to each other, misery loves company. She said we're going to remember this forever. We dated and became FWB. Every other Sat we were both off. I'd fetcher her a case of Budweiser (in return bottles) 4 gallons of Spring Water (pre small bottles) and a case of Coke in the old wood containers. All the heavy stuff, for my good deed I got to fuck her. I nail her again when she called up horny mid week. I was fucking way out of my league. She was on billboards promoting her hospital, .. 1977

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  • I thought you were going to say that one of the three of them had called you to see you naked. I bet you could fuck your daughters and probably your doctor too. She should have at least given you a cleavage shot of her chest since she saw your dick.

  • You expect us to believe this stupid fake attempt at incest propaganda? Bull shit is more like it.

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