I was showering recently and I was expecting an important phone call. Of course I forgot to take my phone in with me.
As I was just stepping out of the shower dripping wet, I heard my phone ring and my wife called out, "Your phone"
I ran out of the shower to get it. It was on the dining room table past the front door.
As I passed the front door, I was very surprised to see my wife there with the front door wide open talking to our two twenty something girls. They called out to me as I had my phone to my ear. I turned to them and they waved. My dick started to swell up and they pulled out their phones and clicked away, laughing. I tried to walk away and I heard them say that they were going to post it on Tick Tock.
My phone call was from my doctor and she had put me on video phone. I inadvertantly angled it down and she got a good lood at me aroused

1.1 years ago

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