Secretly want to watch my bf

I don't know if I could or would ever share this with him. But, I really want to see the look on his face. I would really like to watch my bf fuck another woman. I want to be like one of the porn movies. Video camera out & getting right in there whenever I wanted. Then give the ceramic to her and record him fucking me next as I suck the cream off her pussy from fucking my bf. Is that bad idea to let happen?

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  • You are a fun gf! Your bf should love the idea. If he doesn’t but you still do, do not stay with him.

  • A few years ago when I had gone off sex I told my husband that I wouldn't mind if he had sex with someone else. Shortly afterwards my unmarried sister came to stay for a few weeks. She's two years older than I am but still slim. I guessed that husband would love to have sex with her and after I told my sister about our troubles (we are very open to each other) she said that she'd have no-strings sex with him. One night when we were in bed I told my husband that she would have sex with him and after some persuasion he went to her room. I was worried that it would all go wrong, that she might change her mind or that he would like sex better with her than with me even though I wasn't giving him any. After a short time I could hear the sounds of sex, her moaning and him giving his usual grunts as he came. Shortly after, about 10 minutes he came back to our bedroom and went to the shower to clean up. He got back into bed and we snuggled and slept, I was happy for him and grateful to my sister.

    Now to watching, on the third time I went to her bedroom door and watched them. She was on top, very active, then they swapped with him doing her doggy. He came quickly and it was incredibly erotic watching him thrust as he came in her. Sister had seen me but said nothing. After he pulled out I walked over the bed and told them that it was incredibly hot to watch. The next night we had a threesome. He started with her but finished inside me. This three-way system went on for a month until sister had to leave and I have no regrets. It got me over my dry spell and now sex is normal again. Sister now has a boyfriend but she visits occasionally and when she does we relive the threesome events and we have set up a camera to record it. I'm grateful to her for having sex with my husband and to him for having sex with her rather than some unknown woman. The videos are great to watch with husband in bed!

  • Would you be ok if he wanted to have mmf threesome too? How would you feel about your bf licking another man's cock after it's been inside you? I am always curious if this fantasy runs both ways.

  • I was lucky enough to do that a few times with my ex boyfriend. It was the hottest thing ever. After he fucked the other woman he would do me doggy style while grabbing my hair and pushing my face into her cunt. I'm sure I've still got one of the videos saved somewhere...
    Unfortunately the other woman lived really far away so we only got to do it a few times though :(

  • My wife had the same fantasy.

  • We tried it out by going to a strip club and my wife picked a girl to give me a lap dance. The stripper was more excited to give my wife a lap dance and pulled my wife’s top down and sucked her boobs. I was sitting in the middle with my wife on one side boobs out and the stripper boobs out in my face and it was sooooo hot. Then my wife got jealous afterward.

  • Lots of people do it, but I think you should ask him first. You might not get the results you want if you surprise him. Let him think it over and he will probably agree unless he thinks this is a prelude to getting another man fuck you.

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