Wife turned me gay

My wife and I got drunk and she asked if she could try pegging me and I was curious so I said of course. She went and bought a strap on from the local sex shop. She came home and I was already ready for her. She started working it in slow and it absolutely hurt but slowly felt really good. After a while she was in a rhythm that felt absolutely amazing. I was so hard and started leaking. I never thought I would like being fucked like this. She suggested I try a real cock and set me up with her friend from work. After a couple of outings I went home with him and he completely used me and I never came so hard in my life. Needless to say I regularly see men now and my wife pegs me constantly. I love having my ass pounded.

Jul 6
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    • When my wife found out that I was a boy bottom for older boy's when I was a kid she started finger fucking me to completion.

    • My wife said she was only attracted to alpha males. Well anyway one night after a lot of alcohol and weed, she talked me into inviting a bi coworker of hers into our bed. She was very excited to see him suck my dick. Then he went down on her, they both coaxed me into mounting him. I don't know if she had so many orgasm because he was do good at oral or because she was watching me fuck this guy.
      Anyway we are all laying around and he puts his cock by her face to get it sucked, and she's pushes my face by his cock and wants me to suck it. So to entice me, she lays on one side, me on the other, she feels me up and kisses his dick the pushes it in my direction. We take turns, he bust his nut in her mouth, but she immediately kisses me with a mouthful of his cum.

    • I don't think of myself as gay but definitely bisexual now and it was my wife who got me started playing with my ass and fucking me with didlos then with a strapon after a while she was very curious about what it would be like to see me getting fucked by a guy and after that first time I was hooked on sucking cock and getting my ass fucked. Over the years I think that she has fucked my ass more than I have fucked her pussy. Once we opened up our marriage and we experienced different kinds of sexual pleasures we both are a lot happier than before.

    • On vacation wife and I went to sex club. After some fun fucking together. We both went into room with glory holes for strangers cocks. We both spent like eternity sucking & wanking cocks. Sharing cocks, taking turns sucking cocks, having a cock each & wanking second guy. We went back several days later to same room, sharing a thick cock in our mouths while he pound the glory hole wall. I'm bisexual, wife & I both enjoyed sucking cocks!

    • I love anal also but my wife thinks anal play is gay! I've ensured her I only want it with her but sometimes wonder if a real cock would feel better! She has a real feel strapon,but doesn't actually feel like the real thing?

    • Kind of funny how she thinks its gay but uses a strap on.

    • I've been pegged by my wife several times but would one day want to try a real cock around 7" with 6" girth. That would be so fucken filling and so fun to ride. I would also like to feel the hot cumm shoot out of his big cock inside my ass.

    • I just stick with my wife pounding me.

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