Daddy spankings

My stepdad has been the disciplinarian in the house since they married when I was 15. One afternoon my mom and I had been arguing over cleaning my room. My mom told him that she couldn't control me, and that I mocked her whenever she'd spank me. I remember him saying in a stern voice, "then you're not doing it right Janice." They talked in private for a while. Then my mother came to my room and said that from now on John would handle discipline in our home. I replied, "whatever, he's not my dad!" To my surprise John stormed in and sat on my bed. He said, Janice I know this will be hard at first but remove your daughter's shorts and step aside. My mother aggressively pulled down my shorts and I immediately felt John pull me across his lap. He smacked my butt 4 times and said "Janice, her panties too!" My mom came over and pulled down my panties. I was mortified. They could see my naked privates. I was squirming trying to hide my nakedness. John delivered 10 blows to my bottom and then instructed me to lie down on my bed. I obeyed. I was scared but somehow a little excited. I could tell my mom was nervous. I lied on the bed and he asked me to spread my legs. He explained to me and my mother that "virginity checks" were mandatory with punishments in his house for teenagers. He told me I had one chance to be honest and tell him upfront if Id "messed around" with boys. I hadn't, I told him. He told me mother he was going to "check me" with his fingers, insisted it wasn't sexual it was to keep me accountable for my actions. He inserted his finger inside me, it hurt. I tensed and pulled away. He grabbed my hips and said "never pull away from daddy while hes checking you, understand?" I agreed. My stomach was tingling. I didn't know what to feel. My mother looked angry. He confirmed to her I was in fact a virgin and they left my room. I heard them arguing later. My mom seemed jealous that he'd touched me that way. It excited me to know that it upset her. The next afternoon I purposefully started disrespecting my mom, and arguing. Right on cue, John ordered me to my room. Instructed mom to undress me, this time I was wearing a dress. He made her remove it, leaving only my bra on. I willingly bent over his lap, he spanked my bottom while occassionally brushing against my pussy lips after each smack. I was tingling. My mother said, "that's enough, this isn't helping anything. She's not sorry." John snapped at her and told her stand silently, he wasn't done with me yet! My privates tingled. He told me to stand and he removed my bra. I hid my breasts with my hands at first, and he ordered I drop my hands and let him see my body. I did. He smacked my bottom a few more times and told he to lie down on my stomach. I did as told. He instructed my mother to get him some lube from their room, she objected and started yelling no! He turned and grabbed her said she must trust him to handle this correctly. She obeyed and came back with this tube of gooey stuff id never seen. John told my mother that he was going to check my bottom tonight, that most girls don't enjoy this process and it's a good punishment alternative. I didn't know what he meant. He instructed me to get on all 4s. I did i was still a little excited, he could tell im sure. I could see the jealousy on my mom's face as he looked over my naked body!! Served her right. He put the jelly stuff on his middle finger, and told me to remain still that this would be painful. He stuck his big finger inside my body and i screamed. He kept there and began to breathe heavily. He left his finger inside while he spanked me 5 more times, the i felt his ring finger stroke my pussy. My mother was protesting, accussing him of enjoying it too much. He obruptly plunged his ring finger inside my pussy, his middle finger still in my bottom. It hurt, but all felt kind of good. I screamed but was rocking my hips a bit. My mother came over and called me a little whore and said see she just likes John it's not working! He nodded and said. She'll learn Janice, i promise. She begged him to stop and just come to bed with her. She was literally afraid that he wanted to do me. What came next blew my mind. I could hear him undoing his belt behind me. He said, "Janice leave the room. Now!" She argued, didn't want to leave us alone. He said she could stand outside the door and listen but she couldn't watch "this time". She finally left in tears. I was so nervous. He smacked me twice with the belt and said you little whore you do want it don't you? As he said this he locked the bedroom door locking my mother out. She heard the lock and began beating on the door. I grinned a bit, but still scared. He rolled me onto my back began licking my pussy and fingered my holes, stretching them open for the 1st time. I screamed and lifted my hips. He grabbed me and said, if you pull away from daddy it's going to be much worse & I'll be angrier. . If you accept daddy it won't hurt so bad. I agreed and layed as still as i could. I was secretly excited. He licked and sucked my breasts a little, talked about how small and tight my body was aloud letting mother hear him. She was hysterical with jealousy. He told me it was time to feel daddys cock inside me, i knew hw was narrating for her outside. I nodded. He put his cock against my pussy and pushed the tip inside. I screamed! It was intense pain, i couldnt help but try to pull away. He smacked my breasts and pulled my hips into his stretching me open completely. My mother was listening for every sound. I began to moan through the pain, i wanted her to know i wanted it! Served her right. He yelled out to her about how tight and hot i was, how my body was perfect. She cried out in rage. I was really getting into it when he pulled out and put his cock in my mouth just as it exploded. I was in shock. A little embarrassed, scared, and excited at once. He bent down and whispered "she thinks this was your punishment but really it was hers!! You'll know when Im really punishing you, you won't like it quite as much." He grinned and went and let my mother in the room. She barged in to see me lying there naked, face full of cum. She cried and begged him to fuck her that night, he must've refused because the next day she was furious with me and throwing herself at him to try & win him back i guess in her mind. It was a few days later that i finally heard them having sex. I heard him spanking her beforehand. She was telling him to punish her and to never touch me again. He told her finally that he was punishing her that day by fucking me, and that he would do so as he saw fit. She didn't say much.
I later learned that my punishments were in fact less enjoyable, but still exciting in a sense. My punishments involved anal pentration (OUCH!) & my mother would prepare me for him by stripping my clothes and lubing my bottom for him. She would get to spank me before he started, and then if she'd be good he'd let her stay in the room and watch. He'd cum in my ass and then leave.
There were times he'd "punish me" in secret, bc i knew he didn't want mom to see that he wanted to really get into it. Hed look for reasons to bend me over everytime she left home. Other times he'd force me to wear my night gown without panties, we'd watch tv as a family at night and he'd pull me onto his lap playfully and cover us with a blanket as he fondled me and i giggled. My mom would roll her eyes and sometimes make accusations, which were great bc theyd lead him to punishing her for her attitude by taking me to my room and fucking my pussy while he caressed my body and kissed me, sometimes locking her out other times forcing her to watch. It was exciting and i loved the power i felt in the moment. He knew exactly how to keep us both wanting more.


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  • Karen please have your baby somewhere else and not here. please leave and never come back please god we just want to be over the karen virus already, like covid it kills.

  • Karen? It's a guy no doubt about it.

  • Fuck you, you stupid ass hole. First you are a guy. Thats right a guy thats an ass hole. Stop pretending to be a woman sick fuck. Second you are a mentally retarded dumb fuck. So fuck you!

  • Almost every week we read a fucked up story involving something along the lines of incest,

  • Fuck you, you stupid ass hole. First you are a guy. Thats right a guy thats an ass hole. Stop pretending to be a woman sick fuck. Second you are a mentally retarded dumb fuck. So fuck you..

  • Dream another dream, this one is over!

  • Aerosmith?

  • Wrong again ASS HOLE Van Halen Dip shit

  • Deuteronomy 27:22
“‘Cursed be anyone who lies with his sister, whether the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen.’

  • Ham sodomized his father Noah.

  • By the time of the New Testament, however, incest was strictly forbidden. John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Herod Antipas to his brother Philip's wife (Mark 6:17), an act that was clearly a sin (Leviticus 18:16, 20:21). The apostle Paul had to grudgingly deal with a case of incest occurring in the church at Corinth. The church had a member who was having sex with his stepmother while his father was still alive (1Corinthians 5)!

    God's law enumerated differing penalties for those found committing incest. They included exclusion from the covenant people (Leviticus 18:29, 20:17 - 18), childlessness (Leviticus 20:20 - 21) or even death (Leviticus 20:11 - 12, 14). The reason why he forbids this behavior (other than he says so) is that those who practice it defile and destroy themselves through it (Leviticus 18:24 - 25, 27).

    In conclusion, the Bible not only does not approve of incest, it also forbids we have sex with anyone (even if they are not closely related to us) outside the union of marriage. In fact, according to Jesus, even lusting after someone (before any physical act can take place) is considered a sin (Matthew 5:28)!

  • Trump 2015: my daughter is hot, if I was not her dad I’d date her...

  • PS can you jack off to these replies? If you say yes, you are more fucked up then ever...

  • 👍🏻

  • PS can you jack off to these replies? If you say yes, you are more fucked up then ever!!

  • Still preaching to the choir.

  • We are ignoring your replies!


  • You got to be the dumbest ass hole on the entire planet. Perhaps you should shoot yourself!

  • You first, then I'll do it.

  • We are ignoring your replies.

  • I couldn't spank my daughter, she would have enjoyed it to much. When she turned 18 though, she came home too late on night. I spanked her ass red. She got very turned on. I was surprised to realize the spanking had given me an erection. Yada yada yada, we fucked.

  • This is pathetic!

  • Hey OP's a question for you. How do you like the replies below? They are nice and you can jerk off to all of them right? I hope you enjoy all the replies you have gotten. I will promise to reply more on new ones!! Enjoy them and have a nice day.

  • We are ignoring your replies. Soon we won't see them at all.

  • Dream another dream, this one is over

  • If you publish a post at least sound real this is one of the worst posts i have ever read!

  • You wouldn't know a good post if it hit you between your eyes.

  • A 48-YEAR-OLD man was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing his teenage stepdaughter since she was in fifth grade and taking explicit photos of her as she slept.
    Glen Edward Colon, 48, was arrested last week on charges of sexual battery of a minor and lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor, Local10 News reported.
    The eight-grader told detectives that her stepfather took sexually explicit photos of her while she was sleeping and in the shower, and also made inappropriate comments and showed her pornographic videos of minor girls.
    She also said that the assaults happened every weekend while she was in fifth-grade but “as she grew older the frequency lessened,” according to a police report.
    The victim said that her parents got divorced while she was in elementary school and shared custody – however, when she was in middle school her father had custody and she visited her mother on weekends. She said this is when the abuse started.
    The report said that the girl spoke to her stepfather on the phone while detectives listened, and said that she confronted him to which he insisted that she came to his house that night.
    She also questioned him about a recent time that he "startled her" when he came into her room unannounced, to which he replied that next time he would "tie her up," according to the report.
    The report added that Colon denied the allegations and said that he had a "connection" with her and that they often spoke about "sex and boys."
    He said that he watched pornography but had never shown any to the young girl and that he built furniture to be used in bondage-type sexual activity, according to cops.

  • This is pathetic.

  • If you publish a post at least sound real this is one of the worst posts i have ever read,

  • A Waukegan man has been charged with raping and sexually abusing his two young daughters and another girl on numerous occasions, according to court records.
    Apolinar Zarate-Garrido, 46, of the 1-99 block of South Genesee Street in Waukegan, was arrested on July 9 by police.
    He was charged with two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under 13, three counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and six counts of criminal sexual assault.
    Three arrest warrants obtained by Lake and McHenry County Scanner show that Zarate-Garrido is accused of sexually assaulting or abusing at least three victims.
    The first victim, who is Zarate-Garrido’s daughter, was allegedly raped by Zarate-Garrido on at least five different occasions between 2007 and 2010, and then on at least one more occasion between 2009 and 2010, according to charging documents.
    Zarate-Garrido’s daughter was between 13 and 16 years old at the time of the assaults.
    The second victim, who is also one of Zarate-Garrido’s daughters, was allegedly sexually abused by Zarate-Garrido sometime between 2009 and 2010.
    He is accused of fondling her breasts when she was under the age of 18, charging documents said.
    The third victim, a female under the age of 13, was allegedly raped by Zarate-Garrido on two different occasions between 2011 and 2012.
    Zarate-Garrido remains held in the Lake County jail on a $750,000 bond.


  • Must be a republican

  • You seem obsessed with incest.

  • Must be a republican!

  • He is!!

  • Must be a republican.!

  • Shut the fuck up Lady balls. You know what side of incest I'm on.
    Speaking of incest.
    Suppose you fucked your sister. It looks like that is your highlight reel of your pathetic life. Thats what you want on your gravestone "He was a sick fuck he fucked his sister." Did your sister take your virginity and is she to only fuck you had. You tell me that I'm obsessed with incest! Look at yourself.
    Thats all you post is incest and your love for and for sibling sex. You give every excuse as to why incest is illegal, but you do nothing about it.
    People fight when they think they are right.
    A guy walks into a court room and lights up a joint right in front of the Judge to push for the legalization of marijuana. He went to jail to fight his cause. You could go outside and picket that you think incest should be legal. You can take surveys to see what the public feel about adult incest sex. You can't be arrested for doing that.
    I have given you ways to protest for incest, " I think Incest land is the best" but you do nothing. You just hide behind a screen and type in bull shit here. When you are confronted with the real facts of incest you just spit bull shit lies about it.
    Man you are one fucked up cookie.
    PS I know that you never had incest sex period, you even said so in an old post.

  • Lol. I have slept with eight people including my sister. I didn't take my sister's virginity she had slept with at least two people before me. Again, I don't need anyone's approval and I will always give my opinion on posts, whether they are fantasy or not lol. I think you have been reading posts that aren't actually mine. I have never said that i've never had incest sex.

  • "bullshit"

  • How did your sister compare? Was it better because it is taboo?

  • "bullshit"!

  • Yes

  • "This is pathetic"

  • No, You had a long post with me! At first you stated that you had incest with your sister years ago and then admitted that you where only lusting after your sister and then said you wanted to do your mother too. You even said you would tell a friend and see what they say about your incest with your sister. But you didn't, another lie!
    I don't believe you and don't care about that. You fucking know that I hate these incest posts and am here to wreck them. That will not change! You are the one who is obsessed with incest. As I said you only want to believe bull shit facts and not the real facts. Your facts are all fantasy.
    Most incest cases don't have happy endings. They have ended with suicide, murder and children and adults with PTSD. When a child or young adult is abused by a family member and they threaten to tell someone, they go missing. If found they are dead. That happens too much.
    And thats facts you can't change. When a victim states that they where regretful or raped by a relative you insult them with your bull shit.
    You are trying to knock down the family core values. Get this, incest will never be legal or accepted in modern society and I will not stop hammering these posts.

  • Someone needs to call the ASPCA on you.

  • What does the ASPCA have to do with this reply?

  • This is pathetic

  • I think you are definitely talking to many people regarding incest. I'm sure there are many of us with similar situations but you need to know that you aren't wrecking anything. Incest us growing in popularity and nothing can stop it

  • Pure fucking bull shit. Incest is not growing in popularity. Only in your sick fucking head.

  • Look at the amount of incest posts here. They may not be all true but there's definitely a interest. Also, look at porn videos on xnxx, xvideos, xhamster and pornhub which have thousands and thousands of hits on incest videos. Yes these videos have actors in them, i use that term loosely lol, but again the incest is there.

  • In comparison with the worlds population the posts here and everywhere is a like a single skin cell on you finger. There is only two or three people writing these fake stories. And maybe two of you replying to them on a daily basis! The rest are passer by's who post once and and never come back. Thats it.

  • If anything because of DNA and genetics testing, And because a persons identity is so much harder to fake, incest rates are going down. You can't hide now as easily as you could in the old days with big brother watching.

  • PS can you jack off to these replies? If you say yes, you are more fucked up then ever.

  • You got to be the dumbest ass hole on the entire planet. Perhaps you should shoot youself.

  • What a loud of crap!

  • One side of incest/sex

  • My father spanked me all my life. I made it sexual when I was 14. I love my Daddy and have never been sexually attached to any other man. 20 years later, we are in love live like we are married and have 2 children.

    Every day starts with a good spanking so I get good horny all day. At night a second spanking and then 2 hours of sex.

    Love the pain and pleasure, Love my Daddy!

  • PS can you jack off to these replies? If you say yes, you are more fucked up then ever!

  • I'm a guy, and my father spanks me at least twice daily. I can't remember a time he did not finger my ass as he spanked me. I started cumming from being fingers at 13. Dad would get off by put his cock between my thighs pour baby oil down my legs and hold my legs together, his cock woud cover my dick. Then he fuck my legs until he came on me. Most times he would hit my face with his cum. I willingly tasted it at 10. I asked him to my mouth.

    I'm 33 now. At 17, dad said I want to fuck your ass. I willingly let him. It felt incredible being taken by him. His cock is huge 11 inches and he lasts a long time. I cum from receiving anal.

    I only wish we had started when I was younger. I always thought about him in my ass even when I was very young. So much anal pleasure I missed. He the only person I've been with. I love being Gay for him.

    On the weekends we never leave the bedroom as I want him in me 24/7.

  • Man why are U even here reading this if it upsets U so much????? I'd bet that one great stud cock lover cum sucking Ur balls dry would change Ur mind , have got the Balls to give it a try?????

  • Man when I was 13 my Dad walked in to my bed room when I was jacking off, scared me at first but sat down beside me on my bed and started playing with my boy cock and balls and further excited me by playing with my ass-crack and wrinkled ass lips-my fucking cock was hard but it went super stiff then against my belly oozing lots pre-cum and then He bent down licked my hard boy cock all over and sucked me up and after just a up and down mouth massaging suck or 2 I was feeding him several wads of cum that he swallowed --then he sat down and had me set on his lap with his hard 7.5" hard meaty cock pushed balls deep into my tender ass-hole and stretching my wrinkled ass-lips around the base of his rapped ramming fucking hunk of Daddy Meat and cumming wads in my twitching ass-hole--Man after that it was at least once a day and sometimes twice bout two weeks later he got down on all fours and told me to fuck him, man oh man loved that 1st feeling of his twitching ass-lips gripping my hard boy cock and I started blowing my was of cum right away--Love Man on Man sex and discovered that I loved it better than pussy because of the delicious pleasure of a Meaty man cock!!!

  • Sounds very abusive and disturbing!

  • Shut the fuck up faggot. Go back to the panty wearing want a cock up their ass posts.

  • Man why are U even here reading this if it upsets U so much????? I'd bet that one great stud cock lover cum sucking Ur balls dry would change Ur mind , have got the Balls to give it a try????????

  • What gay sex? Not a snowballs chance in hell! sissy fag.

  • Bull shit fake reply above real side of incest here.

    A 44-year-old Lodi man has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13 and incest in Columbia County.

    He faces up to 60 years in prison for the felony assault and up to 40 years in prison for felony incest with a child.
    To protect victim identities, the Daily Register does not publish the names of individuals charged with incest crimes.
    The defendant is in custody on a $25,000 cash bond and has a preliminary hearing July 10 in Columbia County Circuit Court.
    According to the criminal complaint, a Columbia County Sheriff’s detective on June 19 observed a forensic interview of the victim who reported to a social worker she would be in the second grade next year and lives with her mom, dad and two brothers. The victim reported that her dad, three weeks prior to the interview, had pulled down his pants and underwear and touched her vagina. Her dad had turned on a movie for her brothers and her mom was not home. He carried the victim to an upstairs bedroom and told the victim not to tell anyone. The victim said this was not the first time this had happened and that her dad had told her in the past not to tell anyone.
    The complaint states the victim told one of her brothers and mom about the incident. The detective observed a forensic interview with a brother who reported “something bad happened between (his) dad and (his) sister.” The witness said whenever his mom is gone, his dad and sister would be upstairs and that two days prior to the interview, the victim had approached him with a “deep dark secret.” The witness recorded on his phone what the victim told him to prove it was not a joke.The detective listened to the recording on the witness’s phone and heard the voice of the victim saying that her dad has intercourse with her.

    #Real side of incest.

  • Not all incest is bad

  • Once again you are wrong Lady Balls. Incest is so bad society gave it a name and made it illegal dumb ass.

  • What a stupid thing to say lol. Government made it illegal not society. Everything is given a name good or bad ffs lol.

  • The government is by the people and for the people! You stupid fuck! You have the intellectual level of a 5 grade student. You are not giving actual facts supporting incest dip shit. Thats because there are none. I have posted the real side of incest and those are facts.

  • So you think Trump, Boden and Johnson are for the people! Lol. Again I post opinions based on life experiences.

  • * Biden

  • Incest has been illegal long before they where born. It wast illegal before we had a government! Incest like murder was made law all on their own. It was a common sense law idiot. Egyptians where the first to write about incest and made it illegal. It is written that two people where beheaded for incest.

  • A man made law doesn't mean incest is wrong. A man made law didn't mean being gay is wrong.

  • Yes it is wrong

  • Take so much time to deliver such a load of shit, hope you like playing with yourself while reading the end result over, over and over

  • You never get tired of cumming.

  • You really need to try having sex with a dog. There is nothing better in this world. I'm telling you dogs do it so hard fast and deep and never stop until they have filled you up

  • You stupid fuck! Dogs go in spurts dip shit watch some zoophile porn and see. It takes longer for the animal to penetrate then the actual act which lasts only a few seconds. But If a dog knots you, you sick fucks won't like that, very painful.

  • Lol

  • Stick with incest sick fuck. NLOL

  • I bet it took you weeks to write that crap AssHole.

  • Seriously why do they write these things. As soon as I get a whiff of fakery I can’t read it anymore

  • What a loud of crap

  • * load

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Sounds very abusive and disturbing.

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