My go to and favorite things to use are stockings/pantyhose/tights. Meaning I’ll jerk myself with new or used knee highs, thigh highs or pantyhose as long as they are sheer and tights as long as they are soft or silky. I have worn pantyhose to masturbate, which is fun too. I put on ultra sheer to waist, flip my dick up so it’s laying on my stomach and rub the bottom side of my cock slowly till I cum.
I’ve also used women’s shoes to cum. Sliding my cock up and down on the inside till I cum. My favorite was fucking the inside of a peep toe heel and watching my cum shoot out the peep toe hole.
Here’s a list of other thing I’ve cum in/with; socks, worn panties, my cock between mattress and box spring, my cock between couch cushions, there’s probably more but I can’t think of.

How about you? Men, Women what’s you favorite self pleasure method? Or just some kinky ways you’ve done it.

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