When I was young

I am a very well hung man and I have never been married.
When I was in high School I found out early that the school girls although after word got around several of them wanted to see my cock it was mostly just hand jobs from them and sometimes they would let me try to get into them but school girls were just to tight and only one of the girls was able to take my cock head in her pussy but she was almost crying from the pain .
Word did get around though and in my senior year some of the Mothers would try me.
I would be asked to do some work for them and we lived in a rural area at the time and I shoveled horse shit ,Hay , and almost any other thing they could think of but most of them let me know they were curious and had heard about me and I began to open up all my life married women have been attracted to me so my morals have become what the hell why not.
I remember Chelsie her husband was a city politician and they were rolling in money and had a beautiful house right on the fairway of the golf course with a large swimming pool.
Her son Jeff a stuck up little prick told me one day that she wanted to talk to me about cleaning up their swimming pool so I went by and was surprised to see a gal that looked years younger that she actually was and she was friendly welcoming me in and showing me around the back yard and telling me what she wanted me to do and the pool was dirty with a scum on the water and leaves so I set a price and she said to come back on Saturday to get to work.
I showed up at 9:AM and she led me around back and helped me find the tools never once coming on to me like some of them do so I decided to just do the job and head home.
I was swearing by noon and the pool was looking good when Chelsie came out in a two piece swim suit and she looked good.
I was flustered and caught myself glancing at her several times and she set a plate of sandwiches on the table and a glass of lemonade and laid back in the recliner as we talked about my plans for the future then she mentioned I bet you have many girls in school you are a very handsome boy and now I I more or less knew just that she had been trying to find a way of starting a conversation so I told her no most of the girls were Leary of me and she asked me why but I held back not telling her the reason and after finishing up I went back to work and now I would catch her sneaking glances at me .
She finally said that I should take my shirt off because I was sweating so much and I did. After I finished she told me I could use the pool if I wanted but I said I didn't have a swim suit so she said just use your shorts it is just you and me here and I wont tell so I dropped my pants and dove into the pool knowing that she wanted to see my cock so after a couple laps I swam over to where she was and pulled myself out of the pool knowing that my cock through the thin material would be visible to her and her eyes traveled down my body and she made a strangled sound in her throat her eyes wide looking at my cock and I felt it begin to swell up .
Chelsie cleared her throat and said my god Ernest you are malformed her eyes still locked on my cock but she licked her lips and I said I should be going now but she said no set and talk to me for awhile and I smiled to myself her nipples were hard little pebbles now clearly outlined in her tight top and I asked if she wanted me to work some sunblock onto her back and she nodded her head and rolled over for me I threw my leg over her thighs and sat and she said your shorts are wed better take them off and I laughed and stood stripping my shorts off and she was watching my every move her eues glued to my cock I squatted over her and I reached up and untied her top and I squeezed out some sun block and began to work her over not saying a word and Chelsie was breathing irregularly as my cock laid on her ass and it would slide between her ass cheeks when I leaned forward she never said a word when I reached under her and cupped her breasts and began to pinch her nipples but her ass responded to me so after a little tit teasing I raised up some hooking my fingers in the waist band of her swim bottoms and she raised up so I could pull them down and my cock flesh was against her ass crack so I slowly began to slide my cock up and down her ass cheeks and Chelsie was humping back at me her breath was coning harsher and harsher until she said dammit just stick it in me and I laughed again pulling her ass cheeks apart and I could see her moisture her pussy hair was matted with her lube so I aimed my cock at her opening and slowly ever so slowly I worked it into her.
Chelsie was panting and her ass was trying to take more of my cock arching off the lawn chair I have very good control and it was easy to hold off as she raced for her Orgasm then she was over the top crying out as I sank my cock into her and I gently moved so she could enjoy her orgasm to the max For long moments I felt her pussy clench and her body shook under me as she came cooing and mewling in the sensations of orgasm.
Then I was fucking her and she kept chanting don't cum in me don't cum in me but I had no plans of not cummings in her so I finally felt the point of no return and I speeded up just as Chelsie came a second time and I got my nuts in her and she was responding to me once again mewling in contentment until she realized that I had cum in her then she said accusingly you came in me dammit and I laughed stroking into her as she vented her rage laying there helplessly on her belly but it wasn't long before her body began to respond to me again.
She wanted me to let her onto her back so I did and she looked up at me in wonder as my cock slipped back into her and she shook her head from side to side saying I have never came like that before.
We fucked several times after that until I graduated high school and Joined the Marines.

Later in the Marines I found that some of the married guys had wives on base and I screwed some of them and Now I just advertise and specialize in married women and have had good luck so far doing several a month it is a good life.


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  • All these years later, still shoveling horseshit !

  • No you are still safe.

  • Have you put that monster into any arse ?

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