Sucking dick is not a submissive act. I am a strong beautiful BLACK WOMAN. And when I’m on my knees I take men’s breath away. If I’m on my knees and he’s standing over me, best believe when I’m done he’ll be on the floor in a daze. WOMEN understand you can give pain or joy once he slides himself between your lips. And if he feels like he can control you in that way, show him your teeth. Otherwise enjoy it like him, I get the wettest with a cock in my mouth. And I never stop sucking so he can fuck me. I suck him dry swallowing it all and he’s got a limited time to get that dick hard again and fuck me good for my hard work. I suck all sizes so men don’t be afraid, I love practicing my craft no matter what. MEN respect that WOMAN on her knees. WOMEN if you love it like I do, know your power. And even WOMEN out there who don’t do it, just know we will alway be better than them doing it themselves. Know your POWER!

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  • You like older white cock?

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