I want my mum badly

I’m 16 which is the uk age of consent. My brother is at university now and my dad is often working.
So anyway i want to fuck my mum she is not traditionally attractive but I just feel so horny when I’m around her.
It started when I was 10 and had just discovered how to masturbate when one night I had a wet dream about fucking my mom and playing with her boobs, I then woke and went straight to the toilet to jerk off, I continued to do this for the next five years, often stealing her old bras and underwear to jerk off into, until a couple days ago I couldn’t help myself I was watching a pornhub video with her bra on the keyboard ready to cum on, when I decided I wanted a fresh pair so I went into her bathroom and grabbed one out of the washing basket it felt so good and stilled smelled of her, that when without think I licked it making it all wet, luckily I don’t think she noticed. But I’ve been getting more and more horny about her and I was hoping someone could tell me how to get her to have sex with me?


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Speaking AS a mother, there is ZERO way to not be perverse when attempting to seduce your own mother! Also, there is ZERO way it will “work” a lingering kiss, with a bulging erection will not only NOT get you laid, but it more than likely destroy your relationship with your mother! If you truly are sexually attracted t your mother, seek mental help... quickly! I understand that being in the UK you’re stuck with the NHS, and the massive shortage of doctors, and huge waiting lists, but ill promise you, if you let them know WHY you need mental help, you go STRAIGHT to the head of the queue!

  • Absolute rubbish!!! Research seducing older women and apply the same techniques to your mum. Good luck!

  • Want your mum sexually isn't always just about attraction. It's because a mother and son normally have a strong bond. It's hard to give advice considering I don't know you or your mum but appeal to your mum's heart strings and obviously become very affectionate towards her. Try to kiss her occasionally on the lips and gradually increase the lenght of time with each kiss. The key is clever seduction and knowing when to progress further with her. Compliment her on her looks and sounds on her body. EVENTUALLY when you happen to be aroused let her see or feel you are hard, let's be honest there is no better signal then a bulge in the trouser department to show you are interested!! Be sure not to be perverse about your intentions, just be smart and do some research on flirting and how to attract an older woman. Good luck.

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