Where can I find women who would like to SIT on me?

My fetish is what's known as the "schoolgirl pin". I have always harboured the fantasy of a woman sitting squarely on my chest with my arms pinned by her knees. In the fantasy she starts on my stomach and slowly moves up higher until she's perched upon my throat and this is where I normally climax.

I have always had to pay sex-workers to carry this out on me and never met a woman who would do it willingly. Get in touch if you happen to be one as I am a 100% submissive male and would welcome you on top of me.

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  • I really do enjoy sitting on my lovers faces. Do you like pussy farts ? Last boyfriend made my pussy fart when I rode up and down on his twisted jew nose.

  • Hey lover I would sit on you anytime. Problem is I'd have a murder charge cause my big ole ass and pussy would kill you. I weigh 447 lbs. Choose another fetish this one may end up killing you.

  • You are one huge lady. Would love to get naked and play with your flabby body parts.

  • I'll sit on you. I'm 378 lbs of jumbo fun. I will lower my huge smelly ass cheeks right over your face and give you a taco, and chili fart you soon won't forget. I want a man to smart out my hemroid riddled rectum. Your warm tongue pressed to a roid would feel so wonderful.

  • Bring it on you sexy thang. OMG! You are turning me on. My fat sister use to sit on my face and let a huge wet fart go. I can still smell her wet doritos farts to this day.

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