Do any woman out there have a fantasy about being with two guys? If so is it just a fantasy or is it something u would really like to do? If so I like to know who would u feel comfortable doing with and are u married? I personally as a male fantasy about it but don't think I could do it with someone I love. I like to hear your feedback.

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  • I am married and I love my husband and I enjoy sex with him but it is a bit vanilla. I think we are just doing the same thing over and over. When I am horny I get a dirty mind. If I wasn't married for one night I would love to have sex with two guys. I believe what I want is called a spit roast. Me on all fours and one guy fucks me from behind while one fucks my mouth. I don't mind being demeaned, just do it to me !!!

    On another note I think men are becoming scared of taking a strong lead in sex for fear of being told they are demeaning women, when I need cock in me you can do what you like to me I have few limits, be kinky and enjoy it

    I'm Lauren, 27, married for 2 years no kids

  • Hi, Lauren have you ever tried role playing. During sex start talking dirty to your husband. Don't tell him u want four guys but say would u like to see me get fucked by another guy or would u like to have a threesome. Feel him out. Sometimes role-playing is the safer way to go. Have him fuck your pussy while you have a dildo up your ass and pretend it's another guy.

  • I like your style,

  • I'm married and only interested with sex with my husband and it will remain that way. Still, the idea of two guys is a nice fantasy. It's something I tried with male friends long, long ago, when I was single and it was very fun.

  • That is most women fantasy. Role play with your husband. Tell him you want a cock in your pussy while u suck him. No harm is done. It's just role. Playing

  • Thanks for the feedback. I like to role play and pretend. One night she was sitting in the bar and I pretended I was a stranger and pick her up. She pretends when I'm fucking her my friend stick his her ass. I like to hear some of your stories.

  • I do the same thing. I pretend to pick her up at a bar. When I'm fucking her she tells me my friend is fucking her ass

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