What kind of dirty would you want to see?

I've been with my wife for 12 years now and we've built up quite the repertoire of kinky sex fun. In fact, we've been able to accomplish some kinky stuff that we can't even find in porn (surprising, I know). We also have 3 kids and way too many bills to pay, so we figure why not see if we can record some of our exploits and sell them for a profit. Most of what we would show would probably be of just my wife (face hidden though). She's a white bbw with a massive ass, big soft boobs; classic pear.
Since having three kids her pussy has really loosened up and I have helped it along nicely. She can easily take multiple dildos and she really gets off on stretching it to new levels. We've employed birthing tools (epino) to stretch it out even more. She's still lactating (thanks to my "help") so we have fun with that too. We're into other stuff like dp and for me cbt (including sounding). Not really into group stuff or cuckolding - just solo or 1-on-1, or maybe even a 3some.
Would anyone here be interested in seeing anything like this? Do you think we could make money? If so, what would you want to see? What would people be willing to pay for? Be explicit.

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  • I think yes. People don't really like the staged phoney. They get off on real people.

  • Hey we’re sloppy and disgusting, think we can make money off that? When you put it that way, maybe.

  • Definitely no. Omg no.

  • Uhhhh no.

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