It works for me

I accidentally found an amazing way to give myself an orgasm, it may not be for you but it works wonders for me.
I was about to play with myself, I got my toy out and just before I started I thought I better go to the toilet first, needed a poo!
I went in still holding my toy, as soon as I sat down I didn’t want to go, I sat there for a bit and thought I will start getting myself ready, started playing with my toy and things started feeling nice, got myself pretty close to cumming so I slowed things down a bit, as I slowed down I could feel movement! Just before I was about to poo I thought I will quickly put my toy inside my pussy and for sure it wasn’t coming out, as I was pooing I was having an orgasm, the deeper I pushed my toy the more poo came out, it felt amazing.
Hope I haven’t grossed you out to much!

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  • Doesn’t gross me out. You had to be Really relaxed For the poo to come out like it did.

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