Sperm eating encouragement

So this post is going to be a bit long but well worth the read. So here we go!

I have always loved masturbating!! It’s almost an obsession how much I love it and love talking about it! But, I have always wanted to try eating my own cum. I would get horny and think about it over and over. I would get so hard and think “ok this time is going to be the one!” But alas I would have an orgasm and be looking at my warm cum and instantly lose interest in even tasting it let alone having a full load in my mouth. This was very frustrating as it was something I wanted to try badly! I should say too that growing up I was surrounded by A LOT of hate and negativity about sex and especially cum and being gay. I am straight But as I’m getting older (I’m 36) I’m becoming much more comfortable and open minded about sexual pleasure and sexuality in general. One day I was reading these posts and confessions and came across a reply to one that simply said I love eating my cum. I replied back saying it was something I wanted to try but just couldn’t. we had conversations over several days and it made me so much more comfortable with the idea and gave me the confidence to actually go through with it and try it out. Long story short I was able to finally fulfill a long time fantasy thanks to a total stranger simply normalizing it and making it not seem so crazy. I decided to share my sperm eating experience in detail and I hope it can help someone else who is struggling to fulfill a desire that they have had or have. So here goes nothing...
I normally masturbate every few days if not everyday. Since having said conversations I decided to wait as long as I could to make myself as horny as I could and let my sperm build up so I could try as big of load as possible. After about 10 days the time had come. I had the house to myself one afternoon. So, I grabbed my silicone pussy toy and some lube. I also got my prostate massager out. (If you have never played with your G spot you are seriously missing out!!) like I said before I wanted as much sperm in my mouth as I could get and prostate stimulation makes it all come out!! So I went down to my basement which is finished and has a wonderful couch. I put on some porn to get the mood going. Not that I needed it I was already crazy horny and already hard. I took off all of my clothes and placed my fleshlight in between the couch cushions so I could pump it while on my knees. I got my already rock hard penis lubed up and slid into the toy. The feeling was almost too much to take but I wanted to last as long as possible so I took my time slowly sliding in and out of the toy. After pumping it for a few minutes I pulled out and pulled my foreskin back reveling the head of my cock and slid it back into the toy. The feeling is incredible!!If you aren’t circumcised you know exactly what I mean!! I then paused and put on some self sperm eating and self facial porn. (Shemale) it was so hot watching them cum in their own mouths it got me so excited to do the same. I wanted to try this now more than ever!! As I was sliding my penis in and out of that soft pussy it was making the slippery wet smacking sounds as I thrust in and out of it. And those sounds make me even hornier. Then I could feel a little precum rising up my shaft so I pulled out of the toy and stroked my cock until a small amount of warm cum came out. I instantly took it in my fingers and put them in my mouth. I was in heaven!! I knew that this was finally going to happen!! A full load of sperm in my mouth! After repeating this several times over the next 10-15 minutes I knew it was time for the prostate toy. I laid on my side and got the lube. I put it all over the toy and my anus and slowly started working it into my ass. I don’t use it mush so I was a little tight. It feels amazing having something stretching me open back there moving in and out, each push taking it a little deeper into my ass. Pretty soon I was about halfway in and I had more precum working it’s way up my hard cock. I’d push my toy in and a little would spurt out and I would immediately put it in my mouth. Again I was in awe of the moment. I’m naked, working my ass, and playing with my cock, finally tasting my sperm a little at a time. Pretty soon I had the toy all the way inside me and I could feel it on my prostate. I turned it on to the lowest vibration and almost came on the spot! But after a minute or two I got my orgasm back under control. I then moved my pussy toy in between the cushions so I could lay on my belly and enter it again. I put more lube on my cock and toy and slid back into it. I started pumping it and watching the cum eating videos. The combination of my fleshlight and the prostate massager in my ass was too much to handle. I knew I was going to cum before too many more thrusts. So I turned up the toys vibrations and started thrusting my cock hard into the toy. Pumping it harder than I remember ever doing before. Then I knew it was happening. I was about to cum very hard!! So I pulled out of the toy just as my sperm started flowing out of my cock and I aimed it right at the opening of the pussy I was pounding. My first spurt filled up the lips almost instantly. It was soo much sperm I was in awe of it all. Now this is usually when I stop and clean up but I stuck to my guns and brought the toy to my mouth and started licking and gathering as much in my mouth as I could. I was also stroking my cock to finish my orgasm and catching it in my hand adding it to the pool in my mouth. It was better than I had imagined. I sat down on the couch toy still in my ass and a mouth full of warm creamy sticky cum. I held it, swirling it in my mouth and really tasting it while I milked every drop I could out of my still hard penis and licking it off of my fingers. I had done it!! Finally a full load of my own warm sperm in my mouth. I laid on the couch feeling amazing and proud of myself for finally seeing this fantasy through. It didn’t take too long before I was getting turned on again and my cock was starting to stiffen once more. I knew I was going to to it again! I ended up cumming three times over a few hours that afternoon. Each time taking my sperm in my mouth, loving each drop and swallowing it. All thanks to a total stranger simply admitting they liked it as well!!
So if anyone else has done this or wants to do this or has any other fantasy's that you may need a little help or encouragement to fulfill let’s talk!! It is well worth it. Also, if any ladies would like to chime in please do! I would love to hear if this turns you on or if your man or a friend enjoy the same thing. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any replies!!

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    • My gf collect my cum in her mouth while giving BJ and soon after I ejaculate she will move her mouth to mine and we have cum-filled deep kisses. She pour all my cum into my mouth.

    • I hadn't thought of the idea of cumming in a fake pussy, and then cleaning it with my tongue. Probably, because I don't want to mix the flavor of my semen with lube. But I like the image of rubbing the cum filled pussy all over my nose and mouth.

    • It was the best way for me to try it! Felt like licking it out of a girls pussy. And yes it does get a little messy on the face but it was soo much fun!! I have an anal toy as well I plan on filling with sperm and licking it out of there too! I felt like the lube made it a little better actually. The lube I have is an anal lube that I got to use with my prostate massager and it has a sweet flavor to it. Let me know how it goes when you lick your cum out of your toy!

    • I’ve only ever tried my precum and absolutely love the taste of that, always want to take my cum in my mouth but always bottled it.

    • If you like the precum you will love trying a full load in your mouth! I wish I had just done it sooner! If you can get into position to shoot it straight into your mouth that is the best way. Unfortunately I can’t seem to quite get it in my mouth when I do the upside down position but I’m still trying! Let me know how it goes or how to better encourage you to try it!

    • I once collected 22 loads of my cum. Each time cumming onto of the last load which I kept in the freezer. When I filled up the container I decided it was time to enjoy my cumcicle. I took it out of the freezer and cut it into 4 pieces. Then I put a piece in my mouth and let it melt. When it melted it got just as thick, creamy and tasteful as the moment it spurted out of my dick. I enjoyed every drop of those 22 loads!

    • I have heard of freezing cum but I didn't think it would maintain the same consistency and flavour. Thanks for the information.

    • If you eat the cum while still frozen, and let it melt in your mouth, you don't really notice the change in consistency. I done this with up to seven frozen loads of my cum

    • Congratulations my brother, you did it. Nice job on recapping your experience. Well was it not a big deal like I said ? Now that you have eaten your cum you’ll look forward to it every time. The taste and warm silky texture stays on your mind, I don’t forget it.
      Now , do you keep it a secret or tell your wife that you like it. When I admitted to mine she thought it was gross but said there’s not a woman alive that hasn’t tasted her own pussy more than once. She gave me a pass.

      Need to talk about fantasy

    • Thanks!! It was a great time! I might tell my wife in the future but for now it’s going to stay my little guilty pleasure! And yes I will be tasting myself much more in the future! As far as fantasy goes check out the first reply on the original thread we first talked on.

    • Well here’s a fantasy, I have so many but this I might be able to do.
      I want to talk my wife into surprising me with panties,stockings, and a silky top for me to wear. I would love to shave my complete body, get dressed in my new lingerie and be girly in front her. Then masturbate on the crotch and lick it off. I actually want to do this in front of other men to see if I could turn them on but I think that could be tough finding other men. I have always secretly wanted to wear women’s panties but have been embarrassed to talk about it. I’m not gay but that would be the natural response. I don’t want to hide and sneak around but really would like it do it.

    • I’ll have to get back to you with more here in a little while. Things in life got a little crazy not leaving me much time for posting here. I’m not gay either but I can say that would turn me on! Just the situation more than anything!! Watching someone orgasm then taste themselves! I’d probably be half naked by the time you came hahaha!! But, I recently started wearing male thongs! They feel amazing! Not like boxers that can make you feel like wearing a diaper. Plus the soft fabric pressing against my anus keeps me a little aroused all day! You should try them!! I’ve tried women’s panties before and they are very uncomfortable after awhile. They aren’t designed with enough room for a penis and they start to crush things haha.

    • I wear men’s thongs too but just doesn’t seem the same as panties would. You know the softness and feminine colors they come in. I do agree that men’s underwear are so heavy and hot in the summer. Anyway I think I’m going to start working on my wife, might have to do it in stages. We have a deal that on our birthdays you get almost whatever you want. I took care of her request last November so I’m next.
      I’m just a little chicken.

    • I have been curious and tried on women’s panties before. (Obviously, with the above reply) I think you are in a great position to see the fantasy fulfilled. Your birthday is coming up and you already have an agreement in place. Maybe start slowly hinting at it. Things like ohh those panties would look great on me haha kind of make it a little joke at first and feel her out. I have an idea from when I dated a girl just out of high school. (who I ended up in a MMF threesome with. And I’ll post that story later) we were at her parents house and me being young and curious went through her underwear drawer and found a nice pair of panties. I put them on over my clothes and waited for her to return to her bedroom. She saw me in them and started laughing saying to take them off and I just said Ohh you want me to take your underwear off huh? It was a little joke and fun but it worked in the end. But maybe start playing around with stuff like that. Your wife seems pretty open minded about sex if she’s is ok with you naked and masturbating outside so I think if you take it slow and play your cards right you can make this happen! And one thing I know is women in general don’t know what is going to turn them on until it happens. And just FYI I totally think if you did this infront of a guy they would get turned on. If you have a close enough friend maybe try it out with them first and see what they think.

    • I think I’m going to start with stage one , shaving my entire body above my short pant tan lines. My plan is to just come out and say it then wait for a response. You know, what do I have to loose. If I get a weird response I’ll back track and tell her I chaff when I run and want to see if that helps.
      I’m probably making a bigger deal out this than I need to. My wife is from Central American , not a prude just a bit old fashioned . She didn’t even speak English when I first met her.
      Going to do this today. I’m ready.

    • Go for it!! Let me know how it goes!! That is a fucking hot idea! I’m getting turned on just thinking about her watching you cum and lick it off panties!! I hope she enjoys it as well!!

    • I did it. The opportunity was right and told her I was thinking of a different look. I asked her what she thought about me shaving all my body hair above my tan line, I said it was bothering me. Much to my surprise In all of 2 to 3 seconds she replied “do it, I’d like to see that” . Wow. All the worrying about a negative response I had over with a smile and approval. I actually got turned on with how cute , sexy and understanding her response was. I let her know how great she made me feel by not thinking I’m weird. This is a terrific set up for the next stage, Panties, Stockings, and a sexy top.
      I’m charging the hair trimmer and waiting for the sun to warm so I can do it outside. Then in the shower with a razor.
      Yay ho

    • Fuck yeah bro!! That’s awesome!! I’m stoked she was into it!! There is nothing sexier than a woman supporting things you want to try sexually and getting into it at the same time!! I’m super jealous right now! Even more so because recently my wife decided to check out my phone while I was sleeping (not a big deal she’s been doing it for years and I have nothing to hide) it just so happened that I didn’t close the pegging porn I was masturbating too earlier that day. (God I would LOVE to be fucked with a strap on!!) and she lost her shit on me. She’s never been a very sexual or sexually curious person which is fine I love her the same but makes me sad sometimes. Anyway I’m stoked that you are going to get to see this fantasy fulfilled!! Just keep playing your cards right and you are in there! I’ve noticed that if you approach it in a sense of “can this be just between us kind of our little secret” can go a LONG ways!! Women love to know that they are the only one that makes you feel comfortable and willing to open up too. Also, Shaving outside is a great call! Fuck clogging the drains haha. Get it bro!!

    • Clean as a baby’s butt. I LOVE it. I feel so sexy. I shaved everything, balls ass, chest no dick hair left. I thought I would be itching for a while but not at all. I really lathered up in the shower before using the razor.
      Couldn’t wait to see the wife’s face when I revealed the new me , I got the “OMG you really did it “. She had to touch and rub me to check it out, she likes it. Said it was like a different person, that was kinda sexy to me. I came within minutes.
      The next day I went outside with my lotion and with both hands gave myself a terrific orgasm.
      Love it.
      So you want your wife to use a strap on on you. Sounds fun. I have not gotten into anal toys for myself where should I start ?

    • It is an awesome feeling being hairless!! I’ve never done my whole body but I’ve been shaving my penis and balls bald for years! I hate hair down there! Even masturbating hairless seems better doesn’t it!! And yes I would love to get fucked with a strap on!! I’ve been playing with anal for a long time and it’s just amazing! Nothing quite like a prostate orgasm! I have two friends of mine that got into pegging and I just want to know every detail when I talk to them haha. I’m sure I’m annoying at this point! But, I started small. I got a beginner butt plug set from a sex shop that has different sizes small to large and you work your way up. Now I have a prostate massager that’s about 1.5 inches around and 6-7 inches long that has multiple vibration speeds. It can take a little work getting it all the way in but it is sooo worth it! Explosive orgasms!! If you do decide to give it a try be sure to buy anal lube and use a TON of it!! Just when you think you have enough use a little more!!

    • Thanks for the tips. I’m going to go on line and start looking for a prostate massager. I’ve been reading up on methods and what spot to go after, so much information on line. They all say to make sure you’re good and clean inside and out suggesting an enema is the best way. I’m not freaked about doing that if necessary, I’ve done it before doing a detox and actually kinda enjoyed it. I just took a sec and looked at massagers on eBay , bought one. Black about 6 inches long with what looks like a handle.
      I don’t think I could ever get fucked by a man but I’m excited to give this a try.

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Sounds like you probably got a good one! It takes a little work to get the anal muscles to relax and it can hurt a bit at first but don’t let that deter you. Just go slow and be willing to take a fair amount of time when you first try using it. Its the best way to cum! Like I said mind blowing orgasms!! And yeah I couldn’t let a guy bang me. Nothing wrong with gay guys I’m just not attracted to men. More attracted to sexual situations and other people’s sexuality. Hearing how other people masturbate, how they like to get off and what they fantasize about is what really gets me turned on. Doesn’t matter if I’m talking to a guy, girl, couple, she-male etc. I want to hear it all hahaha.

    • I agree 100%. Doesn’t matter who it is I just like to hear different ways people get off. I don’t know that I would start trying anal stimulation if we haven’t been helping each other. I’m excited to get my new toy and give a try.
      I’m still loving the new me look without hair, I got a hard on the other day and found myself in front of the mirror nude. Crazy but I like seeing my cock and balls all tight without hair. I’m so weird I wish I could parade around in front of a group of people to show off. I want to get dressed up like a sissy ass more than ever , I think I’m going a bit nuts over this.

    • Exactly! It’s so fun hearing other people’s kinks and pleasures. Hearing what makes them cum and how and sharing my own experiences with others is such a turn on! I’ve done some dress up before and it was a ton of fun! An ex had me put on full lingerie complicate with padded bra and lacy thongs I felt so sexy it was amazing! I always wanted her friends to see me like that. She was bi and had bi friends. She got me into anal that night as well. She made me keep all of my “costume” and we started having sex and she slid a finger up me and it was a bit painful for sure but she wouldn’t take it out until I came and man was that amazing! Her riding me fingering me I came so hard in her pussy. I really wish I was into tasting my own sperm back then cause I would definitely lick it out of her. So I say go for it!! Do some dress up get in some panties and a skirt maybe a bra if you’d like and see how you feel! It’s got me thinking I might break out my anal toy, slide it in me put on some sexy thongs I just got and see how long I can just walk around the house with it in me before I’m so horny I have to cum. Need a day alone again though hahaha.

    • Still waiting for my eBay order to arrive, I’m excited. I’m taking your advice and have been inserting my fingers up my ass to get ready. I lay on my side lube up and put two fingers in, feels ok but can’t get deep enough. I think I will clean myself inside real good when I use my massager , don’t want a mess.
      My wife went to her sisters house yesterday so I dug through her drawer trying on some panties. Way to small , I don’t want to ruin them by stretching them out. I don’t think I can wait another month for my Bday to ask for panties , nylon stockings , and a top. Oh well I just have to be patient and wait for the right time to start dropping hints.
      The shaved body is going over great with the wife.

    • Im glad she’s loving the no hair!! And fingering yourself is a perfect way to start with anal play! Like I say just take your time and learn to relax the muscles. When you can relax and get them to do what you want it starts to feel amazing having things stretch your ass out. And when the toy hits your prostate it’s mind blowing!! And just FYI until you start to really get use to the feeling it’s a total finishing move. Be prepared to cum almost instantly. And I say just go ahead and order some of your own sissy clothes online! I’m thinking I’ll do the same. Remembering being dressed up and how sexy it made me feel makes me horny and excited to do it again! Still waiting for a day alone to try having my toy inside me as long as possible while walking around in only things! Ugh I can’t wait!!

    • I finally got my prostate toy yesterday, have to wait for alone time to try it out. Can’t wait. I know I’ll need to start slow having a virgin ass hole but I’m determined to get an orgasm from it. Keep you updated.
      I went on line to look for panties and other sissy stuff, WOW. I have no idea where to start , so many panties to choose from. I actually want to buy some that are comfortable to wear all day. I need to look for a web site that men post about wearing panties for help. If you should find something please pass it on to me and I’ll do the same .
      I have started to drop hints to the wife about wearing sissy stuff, she doesn’t quite get it. I’m sure she will , I made her feel so good about being understanding on the shaving thing I think she’s ready for anything.
      If she gives in to buying stuff knowing her she’ll research the shit out of it to get good products that fit.
      I hope to get time today to do the deed.

    • I love swallowing sperm so much!! Although I get it from sucking off a lot of other guys that feed me regularly.

    • I’ve never tried anyone else’s. Only mine. I would love to swallow a sexy trans girls load though!

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